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  1. As Tax Collector and Witchfinder General, Tamacti Jun is a brilliant and violent general leading the army tasked with finding those non-believers, specifically those who praise and follow false Gods. His sworn allegiance is to serve one true purpose, preserve, protect and eliminate all that oppose, He loyally follows laws and rituals set out by his rule. This includes his duty to be commissioned as a pilgrimage, This all started from within the small lands of Chernarus in which he intended to spread the good word. Despite his pledges to The cause, upon finding out about the inescapable lands he found himself him he decided to well, take what he wanted from whoever he wanted, his loyalty to his men takes precedent, knowing their loyalty is strong. With Tamacti Jun in lead there is little to stop thier conquest. He moves forward by giving two options: abdicate and the Witchfinders' rule, or Die. Tamacti Jun leaving those who defy dead, There is little choice....
  2. **Recorded name - Pablo, however his Alias in prison and via anonymous tips is Arson/Arsonist. Age - All documentation on suspect burnt so they were unreadable, however looks mid-twenties Birthplace - Thought to be wilderness of New Zealand REPORT - Caught red handed setting fire to the New Zealand Psychiatric Institute, the Institute was burnt to crisp with majority of patients and staff inside. [SEE REPORT FROM 2076] Thought to have mental disabilities himself, extremely bipolar, started off friendly and co-operative with every Interrogation officer, by the end of each session he was trying to kill them. Suspect ignored every question on himself, such as his name, birth-date and family. No other signs of mental disability, can sit still for quite a time without becoming agitated or angry. Reactions are normal too. Suspect has multiple burn scars scattered across his body, his hands being the worst part, is thought he set fire to his targets without protecting himself, however he seems to not have a care, and the scars do not provide any physical restrictions. Suspect has also served multiple sentences and arrests for arson, this includes hospitals, churches, his previous lovers home. All were successful before his capture, and everyone inside each target was burnt beyond recognition every time he struck. Last sighting - Pablo was last seen in Chernarus Military prison. However was placed in isolation after a fellow inmate who was fond of art drew [FIND PICTURE ATTATCHED] a picture and claimed Pablo wanted to kill him, same inmate was found in his cell burnt beyond recognition with his teeth pulled out. When officers went to detain Pablo. He was sat in isolation still, with a grin on his face. Once he was detained and placed in a different cell, he vanished that very same night. What little is known about him is how he comes across as quite friendly but the single second that opportunity arises, you will find yourself in quite some trouble.
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