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  1. After a two year break, Danny Archer is back and ready to help the survivors of Chernarus! Is there anybody still alive out there?
  2. sounds good from what i hear chernarus is full of banditos
  3. CuervoDeMax

    DayZRP Second Anniversary

    Thank you Rolle!!
  4. CuervoDeMax

    Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    Haha Brazil is getting wrecked 5-0 wtf???
  5. CuervoDeMax

    Important community announcement

  6. That certain person knows who I'm talking to What this KSVK? Well your not gonna have that for long
  7. CuervoDeMax

    Oil rig platforms, something like a settlement or PCB.

    Thats actually a great idea
  8. My view is that if you try so hard to get back on RP, you should be allowed to play. I mean they have to make a new account and buy new skins so your really only making money, which could be used to update the server or whatever. I mean if they do anything serious you could just ban them again right?
  9. I wouldn't warning shot if i were you