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  1. Jayden was born in Covington, Georgia and moved around for most of his childhood. He lived in Florida for a few months (Palm Coast), Alabama for about two years (Semmes), and pretty much everywhere in Georgia. The moving didn't stop until he was a Freshman in Alcovy High School (In his hometown of Covington). He was in High School till his 11th Grade year and met two extremely close friends Nick Abbott and Nick Horn. In 11th grade he dropped out of High School due to anxiety and his mother forced him to a placed called BJCC or Brunswick Job Corps Center. BJCC not only cured his anxiety but also changed his personality for the better...Before BJCC, He was very anti-social unless it was Abbott or Horn, VERY lazy and Immature. After BJCC, Jayden had a outgoing personality...almost an adrenaline junky, he was also responsible and determined to be successful. When the Outbreak began it rekindled his fear of the unknown, He stayed at home most of the time watching the news while the world slowly died...While he was his backyard smoking a Cigarette, his neighbors house flooded with louder-then-usual screaming, Jayden stood up to run back inside as his neighbor, Ronnie, Burst through the front door shirt covered in blood...He was infected. Jayden sprinted to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Ronnie rushed him down, while sidestepping the tackle, Jayden shoved the knife into the poor man's brain, blood spilling from Ronnie's head onto the wooden kitchen floor. This was the deciding factor, he packed his things and headed towards Alcovy High School where Horn, Abbott and him agreed to meet had a apocalypse ever broke out. When he arrived the two Nicks were already packing there supplies up to leave the place. As soon as they saw him they ran over to hug the man. "We thought you were dead my friend!" Both of them said. "I'm Not Dead Yet." Jayden replied. The three of them had a plan to go onto the Ocean and wait until all the Bitters died out. So they headed to the coast gathering supplies from destroyed and abandoned stores along the way. During one of there stops Abbott and Horn were supposed to get guns while Jayden was supposed to get food...so they split up, after he was done getting the food they needed, he came back to the RV they had been driving and waited for them to return. An hour passed and He went out to find them in case something went wrong. The gunshop they were supposed to be going to had zombies surrounding the entire place. Reacting off instinct, he shot a bullet into the crowd, to get the Zombies away from the pawnshop, It worked..every single on of them turned to him. He turned and ran into the RV two Zombies managed to make it into the RV with him. The First pinned him against the wall while the other bit a big chunk out of his left leg. Crying out in pain he jammed his fingers into the undead pinning him down's eyes, finishing it off. The Zed that he just killed had a Bowie knife sticking out of it's back. As the dead zombie fell to the ground he ripped the knife out of it's back and jammed it into the top of the other one's head. Once they were both dead Jayden was on the verge of passing out, as the world deafened and faded he heard faint shots from two automatic rifles. He awoke to the two Nicks crying and attempting to bandage his bite wound. Jayden instructed them to leave him there with a pistol, and get to the boat. They reluctantly agreed. After a few weeks Jayden learned that he wasn't getting sick from the virus, in fact he was getting better and so he decided to travel to the coast alone to get on a boat and ultimately find his friends somewhere on the Ocean. After many months and potentially years of searching for his friends, he finally heard a distorted radio message. He tried to contact whoever broadcast the message with no luck. However a few days after the first broadcast another broadcast was made explaining there were people alive on Chernarus. Using an old globe he found on the boat, and the stars he navigated to the coast of Chernarus in hopes of finding his good friends Nick Abbott and Nick Horn.
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