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  1. Was a 25 year old nobody. My family and I was living in Canada. My mother and father immigrated from Chernarus when i was born. Thats the only ties i have back to Chernarus. No contact with any other family. I have a brother who lived in Chernarus and still did leading up to the outbreak.I spend my early life alone most of time. Im often unliked by most other kids. I grown up isolated and unaware of the world. Once i reach 22. I feel the most lost I ever feel. after looking at some old family photo's. I decide to leave Canada in search of adventure and to know more about my family. I steal enough money from my parents to buy a one way ticket to turkey. From there i take a boat over the black sea. Unaware of the recent events. Been stuck in Chernarus ever sense the outbreak.
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