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  1. My main character I play as is "Sebastian Seed", Sebastian is a farmer who originated from America. Since the beginning hes been trying to keep his family and livestock alive, so he knows his way around medicine. He had a wife and two kids, his wife was the first to lose her life. She was gardening one morning and all of the sudden she heard a small growl from behind her. She turned around and saw a man crawling up to her... little did she know that the man was not living. She slowly back away from him knowing something was wrong... she called for Sebastian but he was nowhere in sight. Sebastian was busy taking care of the kids in the field. His wife knew that something was wrong but she froze. The thing crawling managed to get close enough to bite her. She screamed as loud as she could and by that time Sebastian was close enough to hear her. He grabbed his weapon and ran to the front of the house. He got to the front of the house and managed to pull the thing off of his wife. With his sickle in hand he slashed the things neck open and grabbed his family and went inside to try and recollect themselves. Sebastian put his wife in her bed but he knew he had to get her to a hospital as soon as he could. He went outside and tried to start is truck, but it was no use. It was so cold that he couldn't get the old piece of junk to start. The only option he had was to try and fix her wounds himself. He stitched her up and wrapped her wounds with his first-aid kit. She had a killer fever so he also gave her some medication. That night they all tried to get some rest. Sebastian's wife slept on the couch because they were afraid to move her and Sebastian slept in the room with the door shut. His wife was gone by morning and when he woke up he found her devouring the children... blood dripping from everywhere. He didn't know what else to do except get outside... He managed to get his truck started and left... family and farm gone but not forgotten. A week on the road, Sebastian finds a man named Charles... Charles offers him a way to survive. Charles has a small fishing boat and 5 other men with him so Sebastian went. Not knowing where or what he was doing he did it anyway and they set sail. One night out at sea there was a terrible storm that made them go off whatever course they were on. Sebastian was tying down cargo when one of those dead people came out of a stack of crates on the bow of the ship. Sebastian ran to the captain but he was already beaten to it by one of the dead... The only thing he could do was get a lifeboat but in the process he hit his head and went unconscious. The lifeboat fell with Sebastian in it. After hours he woke up on a strange beach. He got up and found a map. Hes in a strange place called Chernarus. His first step to a new life.
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