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  1. Even as a small boy Kostas in Greece he enjoyed playing with animals. He owned a dog called Marakis and was his childhood friend as far as he could remember back. He excelled at his studies pushed by aggressive parents to excel, it did not come naturally to him though and whilst he passed his entrance exams to veterinary college he barely scraped in! University however, was a revelation. He seemed to have a natural empathy with animals that allowed his to make a diagnosis far quicker than his fellow students. Graduating he was given some money by his father and set about setting up his own practice. In the news he had seen that there was a booming society in the Chernarus and so, having learnt a smattering of Russian and the fact the Cyrillic and Greek alphabet shared many characters he emigrated with his family. The farmlands of North Eastern Chernarus seemed to have few professionals are relied on those farmers that had inherited knowledge as such it was clearly an opportunity. He took his wife (also a vet) and his two suns with him and set about building a clinic on the site of an old disused hospital just south east of Krasnostav. He was in the process of building a house for his family when troops appeared and suddenly the area was plunged into chaos. A chaos not seen since the civil war. Kostas had come to region specifically as he thought that there was an inherent stability as a result of that conflict. however this was something entirely different. A refugees and panic swept the countryside he tried to keep the community together but as more infected arrived so society had broken down. As the people swept to the coast in an effort to find transport out he lost track of his family in the convoy. Dazed and alone he now seeks them and redemption. Whilst he is used to dealing with animals he also has some rough skills on treating humans. He remains fearful of the outbreak and will do what he can to save the lives of those affected as well as retain his own humanity as without that he is just like the other savages that are out there in the wilderness. He can hear them coming for him during the nights and so desperately has a need for light and defensible positions. He does not like using weapons up close and would prefer to run and barricade himself in a room than go toe to toe with the undead. At this stage the thought of taking another human life is reprehensible to him but he can envisage a sitution where he might have to protect his friends if they are in danger. He won't sit idly by and let them be eaten or worse held hostage. At the time of writing this he would have no preferable method of doing so.
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