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  1. chris250677

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    hey I need a guid reset please, embarrassing but misread my own handwriting, guid should be...-snipped-. thanks again guys // Chris: GUID reset. Go to your whitelist and re-enter your GUID.
  2. its ok the bad version kick issue is resolved I fixed that, my problem now is that I get a whitelist kick which is due to me misreading my own handwriting. *^^* I need to change my guid lol, which I am abouts to request now
  3. tried allsorts but don't seem to be getting anywhere does dayzrp work thru six, if so how? ive always used six not dayz commander so im familiar with it, help please ; ; grrr ok, so I seem to have fixed the problem but now says im not whitelisted but I know my app was accepted, can it take a lil while for whitelist to take effect?
  4. hi guys, just been whitelisted but cant get on due to bad version kick. been through the trouble shooting guide and have both the latest patch and the earlier patch mentioned in the trouble shoot guide. am I using the right one/ones? could someone post here for me the patch version we are using at the moment please that would be helpful thanks
  5. well I just submitted and my kos had about 1200 in it lol hopefully its good enough, lets wait and see also I'm 1/27 I think it said. so fingers crossed it wont take too long speak to you all soon, and please accept my apologies for any shirtiness I may have put across before
  6. thanks for the tip, I tend to write in a quick txt style when on things like this, normally my grammar is pretty good lol.
  7. I abbreviated what I wrote for this thread, my application had a lot more in it but im not going to argue over it as for giving up...well lets just say ive been roleplaying for a very long time, I am a member of 3 live role play groups one of which I am an organiser for so believe me when I say im no stranger to role play and how it works. I also did not find the whitelist app difficult I wasn't complaining about it, in fact I wasn't complaining at all. but ive never felt like ive been vetted or vetod out of any form of membership for something so trivial. I went thru all your rules and understand them perfectly so that's not the problem either, this wasn't meant to be a huge debate either, its just a game at the end of the day, a game im already playing and I hoped this was going to be a new twist to try after seeing a vid about it. however all I mean is its not so important to me I was willing to go thru this whole process from scratch. thanks for the debate tho guys oh that's right, just remembered I put in something about how kos works from a bandits point of view just remembered
  8. I just had my application rejected, reason...not enough kos explanation. well that's fine I spent ages filling out that application, including what seemed like a gcse level essay. kos is simple and means kill on sight with no interaction with the player u just killed at all. simple enough. not sure what I put in my application but, for it to be that strict just to apply im really not that bothered to join. I wont be re-applying I still play on many servers with many people who aren't as anal about something so simple good day to u all and have fun in ur game
  9. yeah was thinking of checking mod also. shame that people cant impose there own rules on standalone yet lol
  10. awesome info, I play with a controller already but its not xbox, most descent pc controllers have a capture button program with it and is very straight forward and easy to set up.
  11. hey guys im new to the rp forum and just submitted my application, hoping to join u guys soon on standalone, hopefully wont be long before I see u in game