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  1. Eilish came from a small town in England with a small population of just under 203 people. She had a good life; She went to a private school and she was on her way to success. She had a family that cared for her and would until the end of her life. She was always a very quiet person and always had quite a good initiative. She didnt have a important life and it was quite a routine life. Champy's parents liked to travel alot. And this time Champy had a oppurtunity to join them. She took the oppurtunity to hand and joined her parents on there adventures. About 2 days before they started travelling she found out they were going to Russia. Luckily she had learnt russian for one of her GCSE's so she was familiar in the language. So they went all around Russia for a good few months. They heard about a place called Chernarus. So over he weeks they slowly made there way to the place. They ended up staying in a small bungalow on the outskirts of a town called Kamensk. It was a small population but people came to visit us every so often. Champy's family never was sick. But once they started coming down with a fever and such, Champy knew that there was something wrong. She woke up and her family were gone. No one was around. She went outside and it just seemed different. There was no town ambience anymore it was just dead quiet. Until she found someone in the distance. She waved and shouted for there attention. They looked into there eyes and it didnt look human. So she ran as long as her legs could take her. She falls asleep and wakes up the next day...
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