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  1. Some people may not understand my story... The nightmares will forever be with me, shaping me into a natural instinct of survival. My mother made side money illegally, to help keep us safe after we fled my father's abusive, alcoholic, bloody hands. We moved from island to island, city to city, and now a one-way flight, with only the clothes on our back, all the way to Chernarus before it all went to shit.She used the last of our money to buy us a tiny house right outside of Novodmitrovsk. When the impossible began happening, my brother left and joined the Chernarus military. He didn't even say goodbye, which left my mother absolutely heartbroken. Who knows, maybe he had his reasons. Shortly after he left, all broadcasting went under, leaving others as well as my mother absolutely hopeless. Eventually we were pushed out of our new home by what they were calling the "infected". Those crazy bastards were running around attacking people! While we were fleeing from those monster who overtook our home, my mother fell into an emotional breakdown. The herd closed in fast on us. There was nothing I could do. She wouldn't keep going. She gave up. She gave up and left me here, all alone. I took my chance of survival and ran for the treeline, hearing my mother's blood-curdling screams. I never looked back; I never looked to see if she was dead. I just ran. I hope it was quick. So, here I am. Surviving the ruins of Chernarus. Alone. I know nothing about this place. I take cover where I can. I pray for food. During my sleep, my nightmares wake me. His bloody hands. My brother being gone. The screams of my mother. I hope one day I meet my brother again. Or even, unrealistically, my mother. It's a lonely world, but I would rather be alone. I'm strong.
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