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  1. The man called O'malley sat up straight from his light slumber and grabbed his radio. He pressed down the PTT button and yelled laughing into the radio: "Ye little bastard! You go off the bloody radar for this long without a word, and and and... *Laughing for about a minute* Good to hear from ye sir, I'll be there , in a week.. O'malley out"
  2. The guy walking up to you(Cody Johnson: IC Name. Username: Jack Cutler) was first of a decoy, and after you get told to be quite, you still try to talk to us, apperently not getting the fact fact that this was a robbery and that we were not interested in talking to you. Now that to me is showing no value for life, when a armed dangerous man goes up to you, points his gun at you and tell you to shut up, you would be an idiot to try and tell him otherwise. Both David(Username: ElDiablo) and I, Told you guys that this was a robbery, so there's that. If anything we kept to the rules, whilst you guys just tried talking your way out of a robbery, and now that you can't accept that you're pissed. Now as to why we ket it so short was that we after all was that close to Dolina, and didn't want to stick around to have anybody come and interrupt.
  3. Klemens

    [WIP] The Hanged Ones {Recruiting}

    Hey my mate I'm sorry that I can't support this as a member but I wish you the best and hope to meet you ingame soon
  4. *Kristoff chuckled again lightly, the man had a point. It wasn't exactly like their faith nor their group were widely accepted, so making a meeting place known on a open channel, might cause them some trouble. Kristoff wondered a bit to himself before again pressing down the ptt button and talked into the radio* Holy stones my brother.... Holy stones and black trees lies near the home of a chief whoms home was swallowed by darkness.. Lets meet in the shadow... *Kristoff bit his teeth in hopes that the man would have caught onto the riddle* Do you get me?
  5. *Kristoff smiled to himself when he heard the response he had awaited, the gods seemed to approve of this endeavour that he had undertaken. Kristoff picked up the radio again and pushed the ptt button* I am happy that you agree to a meeting of faith... I have yet to hear your name though, wolfs-tongue.... *Kristoff let go of the radio button shortly as he giggled at his own remark, a man whom talked to fenrir must indeed posses the tongue of a wolf* I hope that I might understand your.... perception.... of the Sun eater better, and who knows maybe this is, as they say, the start of a lasting friendship? But I digress... Is there somewhere that you would like this meeting to take place? Or am I the one that has to decide this? *Kristoff puts down his radio awaiting a response*
  6. *Kristoff sat back down on the ground after a guard walk, leaning his sore back against "his" rock, his rifle by his side. Kristoff had a bitter expression on his face, as he thought of the disrespect that had been shown his beliefs on a conversation that took place over the radio earlier that day. Kristoff gave his idea some more thought, before he decided that he would give it a try and see if could get a hold of the people that seemed to share his beliefs and the ancient beliefs of his homeland. Kristoff sighed and took out the radio, cleared his throat and then pressed the ptt button* This is Kristoff Borg calling the people calling themselves the followers of Fenrir.... I call you our brothers in faith to hear how you are and to try to talk to to see if there could be a meeting... I personally would enjoy a gathering of the faithful, even if you are taking side to that of our opposite, since we all kknow that the end approaches.. I guess not even the allfather, Odin, could say anything against it.. *Kristoff bit his lip and wondered to himself if the people he was trying to contact was receiving this message, or if they would response* I hope you will reply as soon as possible and that we may have a meeting under the blessings of the Noose the binds both your side of our faith and ours.. after all.. We are only here for a brief while, aren't we. I will be on this frequency till I recieve a response from you. *Kristoff let's go of the ptt button and the transmission ends*
  7. *Kristoff nearly gets a flip when he hears the man on the radio. He grabs the radio and almost yells into the radio as he presses the ptt button* DO NOT TELL ANYBODY OF WHAT IS AND ISN'T IN THE REALM OF THE DEVINE YOU HEATHEN PISS ANT!! yOU AND YOUR DISGUSTING JAVHE CAN KISS MY ASS!! *Kristoff sits back and almost boils in fury at the mans words*
  8. *Kristoff, still covered in the bloodmarkings from the ritual he had just participated in, reaches into his belongings as he hears the message that cutting across his radio, and grabs the radio. He listens to the guitar and awaits it to end before he presses the ptt button* Mate.. I don't know who you are or if your really referring to the son of Loki.. But if you are, know this: you are following the wrong side of our beliefs, and should not preach this... Please let me have a talk with you, I might just be able to lead you to the right path... *Kristoff puts the radio by his side and hopes that the man replies, but maybe it was no coincidence that his friends and him had taken the markings of the messenger this night*
  9. *Kristoff almost chokes on his spoonful of beans as he hears the transmission over the radio. What a strange message to put across the radio, that was like saying "Don’t eat the nails"... But even though man might be worthy to spent the time of a chat with. Kristoff picks up his radio, but waits to push down the ptt button till his done chewing his beans, whilst thinking to himself that Duncan would approve of his newly found table manners. Kristoff finishes his mouthful and then presses the button on the radio* Hello there mister.... What a nice message you have there, but I regret to have to inform you that you'll find not everyone agrees... As a matter of fact I do agree, but then again I'll have to beg the question: What is worth killing over these days? A can of bean that might mean your survival of the day? A gun or a clip of ammo the might help you hold the dead at bay? Or perhaps a conflicting love interest that could mean you losing the purpose that you have for staying alive in this mess? *Kristoff releases the button. ”Or protecting a friend that made a bad mistake?" Kristoff thinks to himself as he looks down upon his friend Marc whom lies sound asleep on the couch next to the table set of which he has taking a seat. Kristoff presses the button again* Or are we to accept people robbing us and making our lives a living hell.. well more than it is now, just so that others might have what they want? *Kristoff lets go of his radio and puts it on the table as he continues eating his beans, and awaits a response*
  10. Hanging about in Gorka The perfect spot
  11. Night out Novy Random people at NWA
  12. http://i.gyazo.com/5ead5b54bdf8b72123e742dffb551e07.jpg[/img]On the road to Dolina
  13. http://i.gyazo.com/1955f5f79c85234e488127ad2491af49.jpg[/img] Waiting the night, while waiting for Wild Dog..... http://i.gyazo.com/8961fdfd1c6fb584b6e1058ae0ef405e.png[/img] Ladybug gets moody
  14. http://i.gyazo.com/61edc0d37488cba73c229b954a22c54c.png[/img] Getting to really know Duncan...
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    [WIP] The Hanged Ones {Recruiting}

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