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  1. Curious project, I hope it works out smoother than the militia we have done before. Looking forward to meeting you in character. Go with my blessing!
  2. Comrade Politruk

    The Commissar's Stash

    "Artistic" screenshots of your resident political instructor!
  3. *The radio crackles into life one more, the sound of winding down church bells can be heard. The same old man's voice breaks through* That war died down a lot of springs ago, On his knees the old soldier cries. With a hardened hand he strokes the dark granite, Where their battalion lays under the grey slab. Gold from the sun on the chest covered in medals, The war handed them out with a steel hand, Generously filling every wound with lead, And in pain screamed with a twisted mouth. How many lives of the innocent were taken away by that war, How many were burnt in t
  4. *The radio buzzes into life on public channels, an elderly man with heavy Slavic accent begins to speak* Brothers and sisters! Tomorrow, the 9th of May is Victory Day, the 76th anniversary of our victory over the German invaders and the end of the Great Patriotic War! I believe that in these hard times we should still cherish the memory of the sacrifice, bloody, tears and sweat that our grandfathers and grandmothers shed in a war of immense destruction for the sake of our freedom and peace. And just like back then, we should show an united front against the common enemies besetting us fro
  5. Comrade Politruk


    VDV can into navy too? I hope you can sail better than fly helicopters.
  6. *The radio crackles to life, you can hear birds tweeting and woods creaking in the gentle wind, then an elderly Russian accented voice speaks* "Sasha, you are alive! The Almighty be praised and is truly merciful, it is good to hear your voice! Well spoken brat, we shall show united front against the wicked as it seeks to destroy us all!" *A flipping of book pages can be heard before the voice resumes* "As it is written in the letter to the Galatians: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Chr
  7. In the name of the Novodimitrovsk gopniks would like to say thank you to you guys. I admit I didn''t expect you as well to show up when the Chedaki boys did and sadly I didn't get to RP with many of you but it was still fun. I know that after we lost out "tower" to the toxic cloud, some of our guys found shelter at yours temporarily so I suppose we should thank you for the hospitality as well. Keep it up folks!
  8. In the name of the Novodimitrovsk gopnik gang we say thank you for your prompt support comrades. It was a rather wild goose chase in the dark with toxic clouds but I think we all had fun. We sadly lost our compound to a permanent toxic cloud but that is just a new beginning in disguise.
  9. Last lore's longest standing ground without archiving/ restarting, @Basko's sweet child, the Redwood Radio, of course!
  10. After reading it all several times, I have a really strong vibe of another infamous group from the end period of last lore and let us be honest that didn't work out too well. But who knows, maybe you prove us wrong.
  11. Eventhough our effort to gift you a helicopter has failed I still enjoyed the chaotic RP we had with the Chedaki gang! Shout-out to @Nonplayer @Murdoc @Harsardie and @Timberwolf as well as to our own @Pepsi @Padlock and pilot ace potato farmer @Ghosty !
  12. My 1 pence is here: Anyone who complains about the roleplay being stale or non-existent is the part of the issue. I have roleplayed in World of Warcraft for over 11 years and even in the most content dry periods of the game (Warlords of Draenor or the current patch) we were still going on just fine. Because that is what roleplayers do, they generate their own content. We don't need to be spoon fed from the outside, waiting for somebody to give us a direction or hold our hands. If people have some fantasy and willing to put in the effort RP can thrive. If you sit on your backside complaining, n
  13. *The radio crackles to life and an elderly voice with Russian accent starts to speak* "Christ is risen!" *From the background a few Slavic male voices answer* "Indeed he is risen!" *The elderly man resumes* I wish all the Orthodox Faithful of South Zagoria a blessed Easter Monday and Holy Week! May your hearts be filled to the brim with joy and excitement of the news that our Lord, Jesus Christ is risen from the death for our salvation! May love, joy, health and prosperity be all of your reward! Blessed be all the faithful and your families! *The short speec
  14. Christ is risen!



  15. Shoutout to @Murdoc, @Jackfish and all the other CHADaki boys who saved my skin when I was "coming in hot" in Berezino with multiple infected after me. God bless your good aim! I had a good giggle once I realized I won't die just yet.
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