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  1. Comrade Politruk

    Pepole's thoughts on a viking faction

    As many have said, can work if done right. Maybe better to set a group up in Livonia, considering its closer proximity to the Baltics. As of Chernarus I can imagine a more Slavic Pagan gathering and that sort.
  2. Come spring and the luck that I can find seeds and then you can get some goodies from ol' Grigoriy's garden. If you happen to find him, that's it!
  3. Comrade Politruk

    Character Creation and staying in character

    Playing a grumpy Chernarusian is pretty fun. I am well familiar with the Balkan/Slavic mindset which often presents people with a cold, icy layer on first appearance. But then, like in the case of Shrek and the onion, there are multiple layers and soon you will find a completely different personality, depending on your approach. If you are shallow or hostile, you may end up curt answers or with a hard knuckle in your face, but if you come with good intent, you will be welcomed with hospitality. Multi-layered characters are usually more fun than one trick ponies, at least that is what my past role playing experience shows. I like to lay down a rough skeleton for a character, with the bits and bobs that determine him as of currently, but then I like to improvise and incorporate new things as his life rolls on. He may hates the guts of most of the Americans, but the more nice ones he meets the less generalizing and hostile he becomes towards them. I generally try to play characters those are essentially well meaning and peaceful (unless intentionally pushed to breaking point), it is difficult to me to play a bad guy convincingly. What unsettles me is trying to voice RP. I am pretty new to that. In Warcraft I am quite well versed when it comes to write rich and meaningful emotes and conversations. That gives you a bit more time to think of a suitable answer or express yourself better, than when you are put to the point as others talking to you in live. Need to get better in showing emotions through spoken words. I have got the accent at least.
  4. Thanks! I will do just that, once spring hits in Chernarus, in this cold not even the potatoes grow!
  5. Well hello there, fellow roleplayers! Looks like I am joining you in the fun! Ol' Grigoriy wants no trouble, just that them Infected, bandits and NATO to scurry away from Mother Chernarus so he can tend his kitchen garden and drink his booze in peace again! Ey, lads, you got some kvass there?
  6. He was born in Stary Yar. Gained basic education, later attended a technical school where he got a diploma in electrical engineering. At the age of 18, he got drafted into mandatory army service serving for five years, then had been demobilised into the reserves. At the time of the outbreak had been working as a welder/engineer in Elekrtozavodsk. At the beginning of the outbreak, he had refused to believe that anything is wrong and when the fleet tried to evacuate him from Electrozavodsk he refused to leave, closing himself into his apartment. Now roams the infected landscape of Chernarus in order to find people who will help him return his homeland to its former glory, rid it from bandits and NATO.
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