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  1. My PoV: Me and a few other militiamen were waiting for the night to pass so we could go and look for some nails. Suddenly @justmate calls out to us that we need to gather up and then soon head out to @Nico_Kakoulli's apartment as he is under attack from an undisclosed number of people. We could hear the firefight at the PD from Vysotovo, so anxiously set out to see how can we help. When we have arrived the accused @Nico_Kakoulli was yet alive as I remember him yelling at us where he shot some of his attackers and that where is he getting fired at from. Our guys have spread out to scan and search the nearby buildings, while myself have taken up a defensive position, scanning the windows of the opposing tower block. Only to hear a further few shots. I think it was aimed at the accused and might have been what killed him, at that point I was unaware of his death. Soon @Thundergunmax have informed us on radio that he have detained a man in the tower house opposite from Nico's, it being @SynO. After a brief interrogation we have decided to escort him back to the main Police Department of Chernogorsk as it is our IC base of operation and we deemed it to be safer for further questioning. During the escort, and when at the Police Department @SynO have asked permission from me on Discord and from the others by OOC means to restart his game as he had serious lag issues, to which we of course have agreed to. Arriving back at the PD, myself and @N1RU have taken up an overlook position on top of the building. There was jumbled radio messaging about men have been seen sneaking on the railway embankment as well as I recall at least once @Murdoc mentioning that @Nico_Kakoulli had been "fatally wounded" earlier so he can't come to identify the suspect. That is when I have learnt about the accused being dead. I have been asked to contact RAC for information on the Zelenogorsk Fishing Club and to request support while being on watch-out on the roof, so I have sent some IC messages on their respective chat channel, but as I don't use the overlay I had to Alt-Tab out . When returning to the game I have noticed that @N1RU was shot dead next to me and soon @Thundergunmax had exchanged fire with an attacker and killed him, just before the server reset. I think not long after the reset, after returning from it, my game have crashed so I had to restart it, I have communicated that to @SynO via Discord. As of the interrogation of @SynO I hadn't been present physically as I had been laying on top of the roof, poking my head out now and then, afraid of coming under further sniper fire. I have only overheard conversation from people who had their in-game speech settings on medium or high. I do remember though hearing @Nico_Kakoulli arriving and identifying @SynO as one of his attackers. I have no clear idea how much time has passed between his death and him returning to the police department as my sense of time isn't the best but I suppose the logs show that. Later when I had been convinced that the threat have passed I have climbed off the roof and joined the others downstairs, only to be greeted by @Nico_Kakoulli who had been treated for several wounds by then. Soon I have returned to the roof to my guard duty so I do not know when @SynO have been moved by the incoming RAC soldier nor when @Nico_Kakoulli have left from the PD. After some time passing without further hostilities or events I have decided to call it a night. That sums up my PoV on the events of the evening. I don't have video recording as my "elderly" PC already struggles with running the game sometimes.
  2. *An elderly local man's voice soon follows on the airwaves* "You have taken the first step towards your heartfelt and sincere repentance my son. By the tradition of the Orthodox Church you have declared your sins and guilt towards the Lord Almighty. We confess our sins to God and the power of forgiveness is God's. However, the gift of God's forgiveness, although assured, is not magical. It does not automatically spare us from spiritual struggle - the continual vigilance against evil and the unceasing warfare against sin. Holy Confession will bear fruits in the Spirit only when the believer hates evil, utterly rejects sin and patiently cultivates positive habits of the life in Christ. *There is a rustle of paper, a book being turned* "So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ Jesus. Do not yield your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but yield yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life. Amen." *A brief pause* "My son, for the peace of your soul, repeat this Prayer of Repentance after me: O Lord my God, I confess that I have sinned against You in thought, word and deed. I have also omitted to do what Your holy law requires of me. But now with repentance and contrition I turn again to Your love and mercy. I entreat You to forgive me all my transgression and to cleanse me from all my sins. Lord, fill my heart with the light of Your truth. Strengthen my will by Your grace. Teach me both to desire and to do only what pleases You. Amen." *Another pause, a rustle of clothing can be heard as the priest likely crosses himself* "May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever. Go out there into this wicked and sick world and carry the Light of Christ within yourself so you may become a beacon in these dark times. God is truly merciful! Remember what Christ said:“The sinless one among you, go first: Throw the stone.” So let nobody harass you, for none is without sin, my son! I shall pray for you. God be with you!" *The voice fades away and the static noise takes over*
  3. *An elderly man's voice breaks through the static noise, some believers and frequent churchgoers may recognize his voice.* "For the love of Christ the Saviour and all that is saint, when will you all stop with this madness?! You are all brothers and sisters, one people, one flock under the eyes of God. Shedding blood is already going against his commandments! Are you all faithless pagans or what? Don't you feel the fires of hell eating away at your flesh as you separate yourself from God's loving embrace? Do you not see that your hatred and destruction just fuel a never-ending cycle? Your need for revenge just causes more suffering to the people of Mother Chernarus and to all that dwells within her borders! Cease this fratricide or you will be cast out by the God Almighty from the Kingdom of Heaven like Cain had been cursed for murdering his own brother! Remember these lines:" *Brief pause, there is the sound of a book's pages being turned* "Ježíš mu řekl: “Vrať svůj meč na místo. Neboť všichni, kdo se chápou meče, mečem zahynou. Amen." (Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place, for all those who take the sword will die by the sword. Amen.) *There is a sound of the Bible closing and a rustle of cloth as the priest crosses himself then the transmission ends, returning to static*
  4. Ooooo, interesting. I don't know where is Takistan in our current lore, I have seen it on certain maps placed next to Chernarus. So lore wise it might be an interesting place to have. As of the viability of the actual map and assets...I would need to be tested.
  5. Fixed that, hope it is alright that way.
  6. I did think of that initially, but we have to trust the community and the admins to report and weed out the bad apples!
  7. Hey there, lovely folks of DayZRP! I had been torn for months now over this request/question/suggestion but decided to ask after all that time. I have seen there were threads and promises made earlier but I didn't want to necro those. Don't bite me please! So get to the points, can we have some time soon see the Orthodox priest attire added to the DayZRP mod please? I have started to play one before the wipe and and stuck to the theme in the new lore as well. I have made a makeshift set of gear for myself, and it is kind of working, but! I keep running into people who seem to dress similarly and it starts to make my character less recognizable as a man of God, relegating him to be just one of those "poncho men." The people familiar with my character recognize him most of the time, but still there is a lot of confusion. I don't know how difficult task would it be to make it work, I have seen our great developers pulling off some nice work before! Also the model have existed for said gear in the Arma2 DayZ mod as the pictures attached shows: I would like to add the disclaimer that I am aware that some people may take offense if one religious group's attire gets added while others are not mentioned, and I have no issue with them being included and added as well. I am simply trying to make a point for having the community's and my own roleplaying experience enhanced this way, as it is relevant to an existing character. I have researched my character thoroughly and I believe I have a good grasp on the role I play as him, so ultimately the gear question won't break it. But still, I think it would be amazing to see this appearance added to the game on the long run. Thank you for reading this! Please add your piece of mind to the discussion!
  8. I would say have Deer Island but make it an American location. You hear that the first time from me, as I am usually advocating for Chernarus. But hey, it would be actually work for Chernarus, hopefully cleaning up some of the American rambos and soldiers from South Zagoria and placing them into their own setting. So people would be able to play their Westerners somewhere that is more appropriate for them. As to remove Livonia, I don't know. It has little lore to it and nobody appears to have picked up on it.
  9. I have to agree with this. In 1956 there was a popular uprising and revolution against the Soviet presence in Hungary. Not a civil war, thought there were some blows between government forces and the protesters/revolutionaries. Of course it got destroyed by Soviet troops and the government re-established. What followed was reprisals against the revolution's leadership, trials and executions. But soon the government realized that to consolidate the country they have to open towards the people and show forgiveness and unity. So they adopted the "If you are not against us, you are with us." policy. I believe that is what Lopotev and Bernarus would have done as well. Emphasis on national unity, internationalits and anti-nationalist propaganda for the last 11 years. So having 100% of the native Chernarussian population on the CLF side is impossible. Many Chernarussians must have fought on the Chedaki side as well. Not to mention that CDF/NAPA must have committed crimes against the population as well, so that would have left their mark in the people. That would be an interesting scenario. Considering how many Americans and foreigners are in the country. On top what if the Bernarus government gets sick of the Russians neglecting the country or the forced Russification becomes too much? It would be interesting to see a sort of "united front" similar to what happened between the Communist and Republican Chinese after Japan's 1937 invasion.
  10. That is a meme, a joke. There is no suggestion in the written lore that is was rigged. Quoting the actual paragraph: "On April 27th 2016, Ivan Bernarus, a Pro-Russian loyalist within the RAC forces came to hold the office of the president of the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. As the nation once again continued to work closely with Russia, it underwent further development. More Russians started to migrate into the country, settling in the big cities. More of their culture was adapted as well. Eventually, the path was cleared for a referendum to take place with the goal to integrate Chernarus into the Russian Federation. The result of the referendum was an outstanding 87% voting yes. With Chernarus being welcomed as the twenty third republic into the union, new changes happened. Over the following years, the RAC were to be integrated into the Russian Forces, while the currency in the region was replaced by the Russian Ruble again." It continues with this, which is a typical answer of the Western World in real life whenever Russia is trying to expand it's area of influence (of course they never do when the USA does the same.) Other countries were deeming the annexation of Chernarus as illegal, the members of NATO were anything but happy with everything that happened but where powerless to act against the will of the Russian Bear only enforcing further Sanctions on the Russian Federation in doing so effecting further the Chernarussian people.
  11. I keep asking the great question myself, where is that 87% of Chernarussians (even if Ethnic Russians like my character) that have voted to join the Russian Federation? Because I either see CLF sympathizers, foreign civilians or RAC soldiers. I have seen none of them. And when I thought I did, it turns out it was one of the RAC soldiers in civilian clothing. How could Lopotev win the civil war or the referendum pass without civilian support? These people must exists! On the contrary, we see a lot more foreign civilians. Americans mostly, but there is a wide variety. Some of them are played right, they just want to go home, I had a talk with a few IC. But then there are the loot goblins and the rest, who didn't bother to read the lore or doesn't give a damn just for the sake of it. They come into our country, hate on our government, even going as far to take up arms against it and claim they will liberate us. It is extremely unrealistic and annoying. How would it look if I have traveled to the USA and started to organize against the legitimate government because I don't like it. Wouldn't I be classified as a terrorist then, not a tourist? On the other hand, there is an IC-OOC line being blurred here heavily. A good chunk of this hatred against the Russian and RAC forces stem from the loot goblin behaviour of the civilians. People just don't want to be proper civilians, not even for a month, it seems. They sneak into lore-wise heavily guarded military facilities and steal military grade weapons then parade around in it like it is completely fine. Society just starts to disintegrate, the total apocalypse is not yet here. Try parading around real life in ghillie suit and fully automatic weaponry anywhere, and see how long before police shows up and arrests you, or shoots you dead. Then RF and RAC is forced to step in and enact martial law. They take away people's automatic weapons because 1, you don't need them, you got them and the police to defend you 2, they don't want to mistake you for a terrorist. And the propaganda begins. That RAC steals, and harasses or even kills civilians. Then CLF dances in and uses this to their own advantage. You "civilians" bloody brought it on yourselves! By not being willing to behave like any normal civilian, not even till the actual apocalypse is here! And for me, it is a rather bitter pill in this current lore. We need more proper civilians! Especially Chernarussian/Russian ones! More that actually fine with their government, or at least partially supportive of it! This lore would be so great if people given it the time to progress! Not just smother the child in its crib and then sit on top of its decaying corpse for the next two-three years to come.
  12. I agree. There are a lot of kolhozes scattered around the region, those are basically community owned agro-farms. I believe the hilly/mountainous areas and great pastures of South Zagoria suggests that cow and sheep-herding is the main farming focus in the region. Which in turn would result in having a wide selection of meat and dairy products local to the region. It actually reminds me of a Czechoslovakian classic, an amazing comedy trilogy, titled Sun, Hay, Strawberry (Slunce, Seno, Jahody). The plot of the movie involves one of these collective farms (called JZD in Czech, Jednotné zemědělské družstvo). It is a hilarious watch, I recommend it to everyone, you won't regret it. It has also two other movies following, Sun, Hay and a Few Slap in the Face (Slunce, Seno a Par Facek) and Slunce, Seno, Erotika. All happens in the same community with most of the original crew, with the last movie happening after the fall of the Eastern Bloc. I would say it can give a good inspiration for a few humorous Chernarusian farmer characters.
  13. So to just make a new meme: Your group is "ochen HAROsho".
  14. Ooooo !Thank you for the kind words @Hofer and everyone! Happy approved dance!
  15. Nice to see a fresh lore group coming up! I believe the VMSZ will want to cooperate with you for the sake of the well-being of the people!
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