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  1. The name is Duncan Kane and i'm from Nadbor where i grew up with my mother and two brothers. I was just a normal teenager who always would hang out with his friends and watched the military patrols outside before the outbreak. The day of the outbreak me and my friend were in the house when we heard a loud commotion outside and gunfire. We immediately ran to the window to see what was happening. People were attacking each other and tearing each other apart like animals. Our parents immediately split us apart and boarded up our windows and doors... It's now been 913 days since the outbreak. My family has died to bandits and those monsters. I'm all that's left in my town. I have no idea if my friend is alive but if he is i hope we meet really soon. I saw a loner traveling outside my house the other day and a pack of those monsters tore him apart. I'm planning on heading out at 23:00 to use the cover of nightfall to cover my escape as i make a break out west to hopefully find civilization. I've heard some radio broadcasts talking a safe place to the northeast called Sitnik. I hope my friend made his way up there. If anyone finds this letter then you probably broke into my house, unfortunately for you there is nothing here. I was meaning to mail this letter off but there is nowhere to go... I'm heading out now, my M4 is locked and loaded and i will make it to Sitnik at all costs. Hopefully you can return this letter to me if you ever find me. It'll keep me from returning to my old home. Catch ya on the flip side...Maybe - Buffy My character comes across as a bit of a hard ass and has always been good at solving peoples problems, though he sometimes gets carried away with his buddy cop fantasies. He has had the mentality from a young age that you have to get tough and if anybody screws you over, you get even. His original ambition was to be a detective but life got in the way and now he's just a petty young man trying to make ends meet in the wasteland.
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