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  1. Born in 1970 in the city of Baku, an Armenian Soviet named Vladimir Bagramyan grew up in a rural life learning all sorts of survival skills from a very young age. He lived with his grandfather who taught him most since he didn't receive a formal education. He worked on a grape vineyard farm at an autonomous region in the area of the Caucasus. His childhood consisted of him experiencing long and dreadful hard work days in the field. His number one value in life was hard work. When he had his moments with his dad through landline communication he asked him what he should do and his father said to become a train conductor. Vladimir disappointed in his fathers response wanted more since he was ambitious. But at the age of 16 started the Soviet draft after two years of dread and misery in the conscript army of the Red Army. He decided to become an Army Officer becoming a 2nd LT at age of 20. During his time in the army he was stationed in East Germany and was able to avoid the terrible disaster of Chernobyl. He was then reassigned to Uzbekistan Theater as the Soviet Afghan war has started. He was commanding a platoon still and received a battlefield promotion to Captain to maintain a paratrooper company. After the dreadful war he was reassigned to East Germany again and after being sick of all the death and killing in the Afghanistan decided to retired from the Soviet Army at age of 35. He then pursued an artisan craft as a jeweler in Odessa. With the fall of the Iron curtain and the collapse of Soviet Union he was able to practice capitalistic procedures and have jewelry trade shows in all of Eastern Europe. During the civil war in Chernarus Vladimir was hired to teach about leadership, and strengthen the officer core in Chernarus. After the civil war he would receive a government pension and received business subsidies for his services to promote the jewelry industry within Chernarus. After the 2017 bombardments and the escalation between Chernarus and the Russian government Vladimir began to bunker up and stockpile all he could to prepare for the worst as he knew that this was going to a direct conflict, but then the outbreak started and after seeing the infected with his own eyes for the first time, Vladimir knew that this was going to be a different type of warfare... a war for survival.
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