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  1. Early Years Vladimir Zakarian born in Yerevan, Armenia SSR, was born in a family of political connections. His family was well connected within the Soviet Communist party and had a title of nobility due to his parent's corrupt work in Moscow. His parents wanted Vladimir to go to Medical school, and state officials immediately accepted him because of his parents. In 1982 at age 16 Vladimir obeyed his parents and was sent to Yerevan State Medical School for two years he studied in Armenia. Then in 1984 he was sent to Moscow State Medical School for another two years. Finishing his M.D. Early Career From 1984-1990 Dr. Zakarian was conducting a lot of research for the Soviet Regime. Publishing research, clinical drug trials, medical experiments on dementia and other disease states. Stem cell research, and treatment of certain patients while others would only get the placebo treatment. Some trials and treatments were deemed unethical by the west. Dr. Zakarian received a lot of criticism from American, French, and British journalists deeming Dr. Zakarian an unethical doctor who breaks the Hippocratic oath and does not help people. Journalists said that Zakarian would rather puts science before patients. However, the Soviet healthcare system didn't mind sacrificing a few to improve the many within the national healthcare sector. Here is a list of the experiments he conducted for the soviet regime that were deemed unethical by the West. Bone, Muscle, and Nerve transplantation experiments - conducted for the benefit of the Soviet Armed forces to study transplantation from one person to another for regeneration and growth. Head Injury Experiments Freezing Experiments Malaria Experiments Immunization experiments - Soviet prisoners at the Black Dolphin were tested with serums to prevent diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid fever yellow fever, Hepatitis B and C, along with other infectious diseases. Sulfonamides experiments Blood coagulation experiments Electroshock Experiments High altitude experiments-conducted for the Soviet Airforce Many of these trials abruptly ended in 1992. As the Soviet Union collapsed and Boris Yeltsin's administration ceased funding for all unrecognized secret Soviet activities. Dr. Zakarian would then start to practice in the healthcare world for Russia and was sent to the Caucasus throughout the 90s. A New Era for Russia Russia needed drastic healthcare treatment for Russia's failed military efforts underneath Yeltsin's administration against the Chechens. During this unpleasant and unruly time period Dr. Zakarian proved his loyalty to the people who were ill, sick, and wounded. He faught and worked hard to publish more ethical research, case studies, therapy treatments, experimental drugs, and so on to improve Russia's medical infrastructure system. Russia's Federal Medical education curriculum incorporated some of the studies that were conducted by Dr. Zakarian's teams during these conflicts and the Western journalists were surprised to see much more ethical studies and supported Zakarian for this, but wouldn't forget what he did the previous decade. In 2000, Putin was elected and healthcare funding was drastically depleting. This put a strain for Russia's healthcare system. Dr. Zakarian had to run a nomadic black market health clinic in order to be able to attempt making profits for the line of work in treating Russia's sickest and ill-est people. He would travel from region to region across the lands in order to be able to do such things. The FSB noticed his black market doings and arrested him in 2006. The Prosecutors were able to imprison him since they caught him practicing illegally for 6 years. However Vladimir Putin recognized Dr. Zakarian's name in hearing his court case and granted him a Federal Pardon in 2009 as the Chernorussian civil war broke out. In return, Dr. Zakarian would start working for the Russian Federal government's healthcare industry. He was granted licence to practice, and encouraged medical educational reform within the National Medical Curriculum of Russia. From 2009-2019 Dr. Zakarian was working in the Russian Federation in hospitals, laboratories, and scientific institutions. The Outbreak May 2019 Russia's healthcare leaders were looking for answers for the outbreak that was spreading across the world. Russian government officials sent Dr. Zakarian to Chernarus to attempt to stabilize the medical infrastructure of the region and conduct more research that could aid the Russian Virology institutions to find a vaccine from the most recent outbreak. With no regulators behind Dr. Zakarian's back this is a brand new opportunity for the rogue doctor to conduct new trials and experiments that might be similar from the 80s to progress the intellectual academia of science in modern medicine. Or? Will Dr. Zakarian realize that people need more help than he previously thought and put the patient first priority as it is the right thing to do. Maybe... Dr. Zakarian go above and beyond and do both working for the Russian government and the Chernorussian people.
  2. After leaving soup kitchen we noticed a bunch of people seeming to look around for us. We noted it and had a high alert status while heading back to our home. We were then approaching back to our home base... wanna say approximately 800m away our squad noticed a couple people with guns out. I saw one on the field raising my hand trying to establish communication with them as @VinegarStrokessays play it cool Im gonna go try to talk to them. after that @theHOLYtruth said that he got shot. We were confused as what just happened, but after around 10 seconds I returned fire and sprinted toward the tree line where I met one enemy hostile in the tree line, killing me in the process as I tried to defend my self and kill him. During this entire process I didnt hear any initiation.
  3. Love this, the signs and symptoms look incredible similar to opioids, especially with the respiratory depression and dilated pupils!
  4. Capet getting a large canister of Copenhagen tobacco dip tapping it multiple times and grabbing some dip and inserting it into the mouth. As he chews on the dip he presses the PTT. "Those 503 Motherfuckers act like those degenerate pigs that remind me of them untrained Afghan Terrorists I've been trained to kill. *spits out a chunk of dip* Fucking ridiculous." "You are beneath me, beneath humanity, a parasite that infests on the humane living world. You don't even deserve to fucking fuck." *Chewing sound in background* "I cannot wait to meet you in the battlefield. We will overwhelm you with strength, unity, discipline, and overwhelming firepower. None of you have ever witnessed or seen." "If you hear this broadcast I highly advice you to fucking leave...You will be in a heap of trouble, and your life will be in jeopardy." *spits out some tobacco* "It isn't up to me to judge you to be sent to the heavens or hell *sighs in background* that is up to God. However, IT IS UP TO ME TO SEND YOU TO HIM!" *spits out the last of his dip* "May God rest your souls." Releases PTT as he puts away his Dip.
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