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  1. Jacob was born in the deserts of Southern California, where he grew up on a remote, rural farm located in the Antelope Valley. His parents, both farmers, raised him and his older brother to take over the trade once they retired. Jacob routinely went hunting with his father in the nearby mountains, while also helping his mother around the house. Despite being the younger brother, he often insisted on doing as much of the physical work as his brother did. As he grew older, Jacob displayed an aptitude for computers that surpassed the rest of his family, and when he graduated high school, he briefly enrolled in college under a computer science major, but quickly found he preferred the idea of running a small business, and changed majors to business management, moving to his parents' new farm in Montana to pursue a degree there, instead. When he was 22, his parents were killed unexpectedly when their chartered tour helicopter crashed while they were on vacation. The loss of his parents briefly caused him to fall into a depression, during which he dropped out of college and took a part-time job at a local Starbucks. Shortly afterwards, Jacob received a letter from his Uncle Thomas, who had migrated to the country of Chernarus a decade prior. He offered Jacob a job working at a new cafe he'd opened in the small country. Wanting to escape some of the more painful memories of his home in Montana, he immigrated to Chernarus, earning limited dual citizenship in the country that would permit him to work there. However, hisr uncle let her in on yet another surprise. Having heard tha she was hoping to one day run his own business, his uncle revealed that he actually owned two cafes in Chernarus, and his true intention was to give one to Jacob to runs his own. Feeling his life was revitalized, she accepted.cafe jacob ra he cafe successfully for two years, only to have it fall apart when the outbreak took hold of Chernarus, forcing himtabandon his newly forged business and escape into the wilderness to try and survive on his own
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