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  1. Dwight had saved up all year on his minimum wage job as a clerk, to take his mother on a vacation. During all of his June exams he was looking forward to spending some time with his beloved mother. He couldn't take her to a nice place however, or he'd have to work ages to save up for a nice resort, even if thats the least his mom deserves. So he ended up taking her to the former Soviet Union, or Chernarus rather, which had decent weather at the time. Not long after they arrived the outbreak began and low and behold, they had no way of getting back home. Dwight and his mother tried to hide in a secure building but it didn't take long for the Roamers to bust through. Dwight pulled his mother by the wrist and sprinted out of there, when at the last moment, a roamer caught Dwight's mother and she was devoured right in front of his eyes. To say he was scarred, would be an understatement. Dwight's been alone for a couple of weeks now, and he swears he hears voices in his head. He's just looking for some company or someone that can cure him of his insomnia and schizophrenia.
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