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  1. Truett Cassell (19), A young adult from a suburb in Columbia, Maryland. Truett Iris Cassell, a.k.a (Tic) for his anxious fear of the world around him. Even though Tic is afraid of a much changed world tries to keep a positive outlook on life, hiding behind a fake smile. Truett was adopted by a harsh foster family who decided to kick him out at the age of 18. Truett was a pizza delivery boy before the outbreak and was saving up all his tips and paychecks in hopes to find his biological family. Tic sneaked into the adoption agency and stole his file, which revealed his real parent's names and address, when Truett found out that his real parents lived in New York he was on a mission to reconnect with them. Truett got into his car and headed to New York to meet them, but along the way stopped in a small town in New York to refuel his vehicle where he dealt with his first interaction with the outbreak, a random man made his way to Tic in a full on sprint, dodging the man and getting shot in the head from a distance by a couple of military soldiers. The soldiers told Truett about the virus and told him about a ship that was setting sail to a land where they thought was untouched by the dead. The soldiers, Tic, and a few other survivors headed for the ship. Truett out of fear followed the military soldiers, instead of trying to find his biological parents. Truett saw tons of innocent people getting devoured by zombies, what made his parents any different? The ship took sail after days of sailing when a storm approached. Waves rapidly struck the boat causing the ship to fight it's way to land. Tic tried to make his way into a safer region inside, but due to his lanky and scrawny built couldn't move more than a foot by the strong rain and winds. Then suddenly a monstrous tidal wave knocked Truett into the bottomless pits of the ocean. The waves attacked Tic's lightweight body, knocking him unconscious. Truett's eyes opened up as he lied on a shore of a staggering island he's never seen. Could this island be the Paradise? The place he heard that was untouched by the crazed meat eating creatures. Shortly after finding out the location by other survivors and dealing with more zombies, Tic was in despair that this wasn't the island he heard of. Is there any place untouched by all this massacre? Truett is in hopes of finding paradise, but is it even possible anymore?
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