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  1. pov john van vliet After visiting the Soup Kitchen for some hearts and minds, dropping off some supplies and talking to the population we see several people coming along and acting sketchy; we get the call from our staff to slowly retreat from the camp and meet in the woods, my game then crashes. I'm then loaded back in after a couple minutes of sitting in que and join my team who's waiting for me just outside of Soup Kitchen, they see a group of people run directly past them so wait a little longer. After enough time has passed we move towards our home and see several people far out, one comes up to us and one of our guys raises his hand as a greeting, directly after that one of our guys then gets shot at from long range. We act on this information in character and try not to break character. After returning fire my character died.
  2. * John holds down his ptt after hearing CJ * Your are right Cj it was easy to take our stuff from the base especially if you dress up as traders en try to act like traders and dont wear your terrorist outfits. nice sneak attack tho next time just come in your uniform like we do and fight like a man . *john lets go of the radio to soort out wats left of the base*
  3. copy that section 20 moving to rp charlie CBRN suits not needed watch out lot of bandits livonia is in chaos no goverment structure remains
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