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  1. Killerxy

    The Birth of Redback One

    Nice read
  2. Welcome, and suprisingly enough you CAN go into Cherno without being shot so enjoy your stay!
  3. If you throw glow sticks you can pick them up and still use your weapon
  4. What country are you from? Australia Why would it be a good place to visit? Sassy the Sasquatch, XXXX Gold, Holdens, Piggin (what more do you want out of life?) Where is a place you have always wanted to go and why? USA. I would love to travel to the wheat belt region and land a job driving headers.
  5. Now I know who to PM to get good test results!
  6. Hello again, I should be able to get online next week, hope to see y'all on the servers
  7. @andrew At least im not the only one, i just saw someone with sassy The sasquash as his profile photo @beast Thanks i feel welcome already @tyrone Just finished posting and saw who u was talking about Whatareyoutalkingtome?
  8. Hello everybody, glad to see dayz how it used to be However, due to internet problems I wont be able to Whitelist for a little while ( about a week ) But as soon as i can I will be roleplaying and hopefully Not getting shot on site See ya'll in about a weeks time ( hopefully ) And i would like to thank frankieonpcin1080p for Showing me this amazing community