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  1. Lucy Bell was a natural born survivalist even before everything happened. She was raised out in the country(bush) with only her relatives around. This family she was raised with mainly consisted of only female cousins. For some odd reason there were never many boy cousins. Probably due to the genetics in her family history. Her and her cousins were raised as boys and didn't know any different. She learned to hunt, track and skin the various animals in the wild. She became very proficient with her survival skills and various weapons. The only female skills she learnt was from her grandmother who was old school from England. Her grandmother taught her the hygiene and what was "expected" from a lady. This always sounded strange to her as being raised like men with her female cousins she didn't think this was all necessary. As she hit her early twenties her need and desire to see what else was out there grew stronger. When she turned 25 she decided it was time to go on her own and say goodbye to her family not realizing the next decade would be a harsh decade and she would never get back to seeing her family again. Her travels started out with experiencing the east coast of Canada for a few years which she grew restless and decided to hop on a plane to England and Ireland where some of her ancestry roots are from. She stayed there still she was 33 and then decided it was time to go further across Europe never really staying in one place to long and seeing as many countries as she could no matter how small they were...the culture amazed her and the skills her Grandmother taught her helped her along these travels. Especially with politeness and not such savagery. As she came into the country of Romania she finally felt like home. After experiencing the cast cultures across Europe this was a place she could be herself and live for awhile in a remote place up in the mountains peacefully. She gave herself a year here and then go back to Canada. However, this did not happen. One day on her fifth monthly supply run as she was driving her beat up old Nissan towards town a man ran out of the bush towards her and he looked very ill, he was drooling and started clawing on the hood on my truck. She realized at that point he wasn't right. She stepped on the gas towards town and when she got there the town was eerily quiet. She rolled up to the local store which sold everything from food to weapons. There was no one inside, she stopped to listen and could hear a weird noise coming from the back room. She moved slowly to the back room and turned the handle and gave a gentle push. Little to her surprise a female jumped out at her again drooling and trying to get to me with her arms reached. She jumped back and instinctively she pulled out her hidden skinning knife that she keeps strapped underneath her undershirt for emergency purposes (roadkill or human protection). She took the knife and stabbed the girl once in the arm in hopes she would snap out of it. This only made the ill girl more angry. She realized again that this isn't right and ran out of the store back to her truck and drove down the road only to witness more individuals with the same symptoms or illness. Once she was clear out of town she pulled over and turned on the radio to take a breather. The radio cast was silent. She went back home to regroup and plan her next course of action. While she was doing this she left her radio on just in case when finally a voice came along with a message from the local radio station requesting any survivors out there to report to a ship leaving Romania and heading across the Baltic Sea to a little country called Chernarus in hopes of leaving the infected illness behind. So she packed up the basics and headed for the ship. She made it to the ship with only a few close calls. There was soo many infected out there and according to the other survivors on the ship the infection had spread across the world. This saddened her. She would never make it back to Canada. She only hoped this tiny country who she heard was considered a lot like Canada would be welcoming and free of the sickness. She found out very quickly this was not the case...
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