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  1. Oh dear. I broke virtually every cardinal rule in the book. Even as I write, I am stood on a gantry, having just eaten a rotten orange, with a couple of Zeds beneath me. As a veteran of the Fallout/Oblivion (Skyrim) and Far Cry 3 games and all similar over 30+ gaming years, I realise all of that counts for nothing in this instance! In my defense, I have only had the game for less than 48 hours as I write. Thanks for a great guide, and I am sure I'll have a better idea of how to survive a little longer. I love the idea of this game, I love the concept and I also love the fact that it is an ongoing thing. I don't like how Zeds easily outrun me, are unable to be shaken off, and seemingly have eyesight so great they can see me from miles away, before running like an Olympic sprinter to reach (and destroy) me in seconds. I've been in almost every dwelling, only to read somewhere that this is a waste of time. Oh well. Aside from those minor little gripes, I love it. Thanks again for your time and patience. Gad