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  1. Crazy man with AK aims gun at psychotic woman with AK (Gone Sexual) (Gone Crazy) (In the hood)
  2. He definitely will, we all kind of pride ourselves on the fact that people love to see the torture RP and fear RP we do. I'd like to think we do a good job at it lol. By the way the other people that were there are @Timbuktu and @Iris
  3. Of course! I can’t wait to see how close Kane and Arisha become, it seems like they could probably sit down for hours with each other and just talk, they seem to connect pretty easily, thanks for the great RP
  4. Don't worry about the other people, they're afraid of us you don't have to be afraid of the other people. Much appreciated man! Can't wait to get into more trouble with the group, and make some awesome storylines. Also can't wait to see you in game man. Thanks man! Looking forward to meeting your group in-game
  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the RP man! It was definitely a fun experience overall, and I can't wait to see what happens between Jett and all of us totally looking forward to it. You gave a great RP experience, and was probably one of my favorite people that we've done this to.
  6. Deacon has been in our discord. Nobody knows that I am with the patients in-game, only a few people know because I've had encounters with them with the doctor, but that was after Deacon started talking about me being affiliated with the doctor. At the time these rumors were going around, I wasn't running with the doctor, but I was about to become a patient. So yeah, nobody knew. I found out he was spreading rumors, because I was talking to Deacon Harris, Kane's brother in-game, and he said that I needed to be careful around Berezino because there was a bounty hunter going around claiming he had a bounty on my character because I was working with the good doctor. As far as I know, there's no way that Deacon would know in-character that I was a patient, and the only way he could know was through OOC information presented towards him.
  7. Alright well, after my group and I got back to Berezino, we noticed our truck was gone, and was given information that someone had reported it to the police. We followed up on this information, and found out the person responsible for the report to the police was the same guy that we had been running with not even an hour or two before. Once finding out about this, I found him at the pub in Berezino, and ended up talking to him. I lured him out into the street where nobody else was, because he didn't want to go further than the street, which was reasonable. I talked to him for a few minutes, and then asked to see the contents of his bag, and ended up getting a gun aimed at me. The person who shot him was one of my friends, that saw the dude aiming a gun at me, and I heard him say to put your hand up, before he aimed the gun at me, though it may have been after, and I just mixed it up. After the dude actively acted hostile towards me, he got killed, and we ran away from Berezino to keep from getting in trouble with the police there.
  8. Had a lot of fun in Berezino, RPing with @Morytania @Simon Desperes @Whitename and a few others. It was a lot of fun, and funny as hell the whole time. Especially watching you guys throwing stuff on the roof of the buildings lmao. I loved every second of it, definitely looking forward to RPing with y'all again.
  9. Always happy to enjoy some quality derpy RP in Berezino lol. We definitely need to RP a lot more, you guys are funny as hell to be around. I look forward to our future encounters
  10. So grateful that I've been added to the roster of the group. We're about to make some really interesting RP for everyone.
  11. So ready to fully RP with these guys, and see what mayhem we get ourselves into. Hella excited to be RPing with everyone. This is gonna be an interesting part of Kane's storyline.
  12. So @Mario892 and I were at the Berezino pub when we met Jim Williams, and we started talking to him. He said he was close with the guys in the RAC, so I told him that I needed to talk to the RAC, because they needed me for something. We all three agree to go over to their compound. Once we got to the apartment buildings, we heard chatter from one of them, and it sounded like someone was getting held up. We then go into the apartment building to see what was going on, because Deacon and I ended up recognizing one of the voices as our friend Alex. We start talking to them, and find out what was going on. A zombie got aggro'd on us, and I ended up killing it, and then another came in, I ended up running out after I killed the zombie to see if there was anymore in the area, and when I came back in, I noticed some dude in a ghillie suit standing in the hallway behind everyone with an MP5 out. I whispered to him, asking him who he was, and he said he was with the guy inside the apartment building. So me thinking he was with Alex, thought everything was gonna be okay. He then aims the MP5 at me, telling me to go outside and wait for my friends. I comply, and he follows me outside, still aiming at me. He then tells me to drop my gun, and when I do, he tells me to take off all my clothes. I had a pair of ruined pants on, so I tell him that I'm not going to take them off, because I wouldn't be able to put them back on. We end up hearing gunshots inside the apartment building, and without saying anything to me, he sprays into me with the MP5, killing me.
  13. Was a shitton of fun man, I loved every second of it. Next time, I'll have to be more careful to not almost die while rock climbing.
  14. My boys Death and Toez over here making people have a good RP experience. It’s always a pleasure RPing with them. I definitely need to go to Novo again sometime just to chill with them.
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