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  1. I was a simple man with simple goals in life. I had a cabin in the forests of eastern Romania, my own little piece of land where I would mind my own business. A place of solitude. I grew my own food and hunted the great beasts that wandered the forests. I had only a HAM radio to connect me to the outside world. A middle-aged man with no family and friends, except for the occasional truck driver on the radio. One day while I was out hunting for food, I saw a person walking. But there was something that wasn't right. It was the way he walked, the way he would just stop and stare out in the woods. It gave me a chill to my bones. I called out to him - "Hey, it's not safe to walk around here without proper gear, this is hunting grounds!". I got no response.. I tried shouting to get his attention. He turned around, his face all bloody with a blank stare. He ran at me and I panicked and fell on the ground. He threw himself over me like a starving wolf desperate for food. I wrestled him and eventually got up and I shot him. After I had caught my breath and realizing what had happened, I smelled only rot and decay. This person was not alive, it was like Frankenstein's monster, it was reanimated. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I heard rattling in the brush, and caught a glimpse of two more of them. Running towards me. I had to run. After many nights of fleeing from these monsters and trying to find civilization I had finally arrived at the city of Iasa, bordering Ukraine. All I had was my hunting gear and a little food I had managed to find on the way. The city looked deserted and i feared the worst. No cars and no noise like I used to remember it, just dead silence. I scavenged for food and tried to find anyone alive but I didnt. There were crashed cars everywhere, no survivors what I could tell. I found a newspaper flying down the street I was walking, it said "Infectious outbreak in Chernarus, Military lockdown." The date written was 8th of July 2017. That was almost two months prior. I stayed the night in the city outskirts where I had found shelter. In hindsight it was perhaps a mistake to have a fire set up, because in the middle of the night I was ambushed and knocked out. I later awoke in what felt like the back of a pickup truck. I was bound up and gagged with a potato sack over my head. I tried screaming telling whoever it was that kidnapped me to let me out. The car stopped and I heard a voice, the man wasn't speaking Romanian, it sounded like Russian. He knocked me out again and kept on driving. After spending what I would assume to be many hours in the back of the old truck I awoke again. This time the car was stopped. I tried to snake out of the rope around of my legs and arms with no luck. I heard foot steps, someone or something was walking towards me. The person ripped off the sack from head and removed the gag from my mouth. He tried communicating with me but I told him I didn't understand him. I asked if he spoke any Romanian, or perhaps English. "Yes I speak little english" he replied. "You are going to help me, we find vaccine for horrible virus" he said in a broken accent. It seemed I had no other choice than to go along with what he was demanding, maybe I could find a way to escape when he wasn't looking. He dragged me out of the truck and I gestured me to walk out on the docks where there was a lone sailing boat dunking in the water. He took us out in the sea, which I thought had to be the Black Sea. A week later we were still out on the ocean. It was night, and I heard a storm approaching, it sounded really bad. Just a few moments later a tail wind hit our sails hard and we flew about on the boat. The man had lost control of the steering, this was not going to end well I remember thinking. I yelled to him, "Quick, cut ropes!" and tried to gesture to my hands tied behind my back. He cut them and "Crash!" was the last thing I heard before I passed out. I woke up, sand in my mouth, the sun shining on the back of my head. I had survived. I was on a beach in a foreign country and I had no sight of the man who took me here. That was a long time ago now. I've since realized that I am in Chernarus. I've been in hiding, alone, in the woods of Chernarus for a few years; 2 years I reckon since I washed up on that beach. It's been hard to keep track of time. My name is Gregor Baciu, and now that I don't know if there are any decent living human beings out there, I feel lonelier than I ever have. I plan to find someone living and breathing, something or someone to fight for.
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