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  1. Oh I did all that. Sorry. He said he would let someone know that my page was fixed and to lift my ban. That was at 7am yesterday. So I was starting to wonder if there was like a ban period or something. Should I just throw a gentle reminder his/her way?
  2. Hey all. I was banned for a small issue with my character backstory. I fixed it yesterday morning and I am apparently still banned. How long does one typically remain banned for something like that?
  3. From the day he came into this world, Hazzard was destined to be on the wrong side of the law. Born early and meth addicted to Julianne and Cougar Adams, Hazzard (yes, that is his given name) learned early that life was hard and the world didn't care about sentiments like "fairness" or "charity." Raised in a home with all the parental neglect and peripheral violence one would expect in a biker flop house owned by the Hells Angels and ran by the biggest meth producers in Missouri. From his rough childhood, to his teen years travelling between foster care and the youth authority, to his first (and only) stint in prison, you could say Hazzard was moulded and fully prepared for a global apocalypse. Hazzard knew long before the outbreak that he was on his own. That he had to take what he could and safeguard it knowing someone was always looking to take what he had. And that "friends" or "allies" were only so as long as their own asses werent on the line and you have better make sure you didnt get caught with your dick in the dirt when your "friend" flipped on you. Hazzard has spent time in just about every role imaginable in the drug world. Addict. Dealer. Drug runner. Money runner. Security. Thumb breaker. Killer. He has learned plenty of skills valuable living outside of society. Skills perfectly suited for the new world. None of that is to say Hazzard is a bloodthirsty criminal. Quite the contrary. He does the unsavory things simply because, in his world, they have always been necessary. That isnt to say he is an unwilling victim of circumstance either. Hazzard just lives with the moral ambivalence of an alley rat. He is a survivor. He knows survival sometimes depends on generosity and survival sometimes depends on greed. And he slides between the two effortlessly. When a business opportunity had presented itself to travel abroad and set up shop, Hazzard let his curiosity get the better of him. Coordinating with the Russian mob, the Hells Angels were to open a new chapter in Cherno and begin cooking and distributing meth into an untapped market. The venture was an immense early success until the flu hit. As opportunists usually do, the russian mobsters made for the hills. Raiding Hazzards home and HQ before going. Taking everything he had and leaving him with nothing but the jeans covering his ass. Nothing new to Hazzard. Life was a series of close calls and returns from the brink. This outbreak, and the ensuing panic, would provide countless opportunities for people like him. You just need to be looking in the right place and staking your claim before anyone else.
  4. What does everyone think of a more George Romero zombie apocalypse? Use one of the "Walking Dead" mods to make them slow (but able to lunge quickly if you are within a couple feet), keep them hitting hard, return them to one shot to the brain toughness, and add the VIRUS mod so there is always a chance you get infected with "the virus" if struck by a zed. The virus has a cure. So getting the virus isnt necessarily the end. You can find virus cure injectors at hospitals and clinics. You can also make your own if you find/collect all the components. Dealing with zeds would be less tedious because they would be slow and easy to kill, but still present a true danger if a player gets sloppy and lets them get too close. Or allows himself/herself to get trapped. It might even open up some extra role play as desperate survivors who have been infected and have 30 minutes to live negotiate/rob other people to get their hands on the cure. Thoughts?
  5. I am just in it for the discussion at this point, since it is clear absolutely nobody is interested in changing this. So please don't take anything as hostile or argumentative. It's just gum flapping. I do appreciate everyones suggestions. I appreciate a solid community that encourages and educatess. But I know how to deal with zeds and how to sneak. I have plenty of hours in game. This isn't the only server I play on. I play on much more difficult servers where one scratch from a zed can finish you. So you avoid contact at all costs. I try and only play on the "hardcore survival" servers because I enjoy the challenge. And I play mostly the same way. Sneaking. With a melee weapon because gunfire just slows me down. Not saying I am some badass. Just trying to put my experience in game and with zeds into context. I know what I am doing. Someone mentioned zed cycling. That was what I was doing when I was overwhelmed. I opened the door to let one in and two literally sprinted in the door. They didnt stand there all "rawr." They were all about it. Negotiated the corner, up the porch and in like pro's. And with the two in the doorway, as I was trying to get it closed, a third sprinted in. About 2 seconds after that I was dead. With almost a full bar of health. If that is the way it is, that is the way it is. If everyone is cool with it, I will adjust accordingly. I will just have to start wearing a brain bucket. I just think it is overkill is all. But that is just one man's opinion. And its worth the pixels it is written on. Given all that, and everyones interest in an actual challenge with actual risk, would everyone here be interested in adding VIRUS to the mods? It gives any strike by a zed the chance to infect you with "the virus." And you have about a half hour to administer an antidote before you die.
  6. All I did was open a door. Two zeds rushed in (only saw one) with a third not long after. The entire encounter lasted maybe 7 seconds. I mean, I do a ton of sneaking. Because I literally never use a gun. Ever. All it does is slow me down. I know how to avoid the bum rush. At least I thought I did. But again, my issue isnt with zed strength or stamina. I just dont think I should die with 80% of my health and a weapon in hand. I think I started at (or close to) full health and died in like 6 seconds because I got KO'd. Is there a separate value for KO rate or is it tied to zed damage? Anyone know?
  7. So I was trapped in a house trying to fight off 3 zeds and before I could kill a single one of them (got off 3 shots with a pickaxe) I was knocked out. Still had almost a full bar of health. Fight lasted maybe 5 seconds and I was dead and pretty much everything I owned is now gone and it is back to square one. Second time this has happened. I had pretty much just managed to recover from the last episode and here I am. Is there any way to adjust this? I kinda feel like I should still have a fighting chance if backed into a corner. The way things are now, there is no point even fighting if you end up backed into a corner with more than 2 zeds on you. Not saying they should be easier to kill. Or that they shouldn't hit hard. I am asking if there is a way to specifically address the chance to be knocked out. It just seems insane that I am essentially "dead" by the 5th hit I take despite still having nearly a full bar of health.
  8. Oh, I love that fluff. It helps with role play remendously. I mean, I imagine it does. I havent role played long. But I actually found a bible last night while scavving. And I was like, "Oh dude, someone could really play off of this. Religious sects. Religious scholars. Satanists looking to collect and burn all copies. I mean, if you really think about it, things like books in good condition would become treasures in a post internet world. So finding anything like Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Austen in good shape would be a real find to post apocalyptic collectors. So yeah, any sorta "fluff" items like that are great, imo. Hell, I dont care if it is "Collectors Edition McDonalds Space Jam" cups. Anything could be someones obsession. Unopened boxes of favorite cereals. Coins. Wombat taxidermy. I mean, the list is kinda limited only by ones imagination. I say the same thing about smokes, drugs, and alcohol. People will still have vices. How much would a junkie (RP junkie) give for a vial of Dilaudid found in some hospital? I have kicked around the idea of being a junkie paying top dollar for morphine injectors in game.
  9. I suggest taking them back to their standard strength, maybe even their standard numbers (outside of military facilities) but giving them the ability to injure/infect you. They will go back to being your typical one-shot-with-an-axe trash mobs, but if you aren't careful and you allow yourself to get swarmed, you might get scratched and infected. And if you don't have a cure vial handy, you had better head out to a hospital and start looking for one. Or holler to friends that you need help. Or beg/borrow/steal one from anyone around you. It would make dealing with mobs far less tedious while still keeping you on your toes. Yeah, theyre easy to take out, but dont get sloppy or you might get dead. Mods= Disease Injectors, Medical Attention, Virus
  10. Couple things play into this. And I preface my post by saying I include myself somewhere in the mix. 1. You put enough people together, toxic personalities will present themselves. Out of a hundred people, some are bound to be the types that take it very personally when you take their lootz 2. Gamers, in general, have some innate sense of entitlement. They tend to think they deserve things their way. They tend to think they know what is best. They tend to think they are always right. And they're tenacious in proving themselves. 3. Role players are dramatic by nature. And while I think they actually carry less a sense of entitlement as other gamers, they take wanting things their way, thinking they are right and know what is best to the next level. You can't get them to let go of a bone once they have latched on. You cant rely on mods. They will always do their best. But they will either let toxicity go on too long or will overreact when no toxicity exists. You can't rely on the community. Community policing worked back when the town could storm the house and string up the problem. No such power of provocation here on the internet. Really all you can do is what has been suggested. Stick with people you like in game, treat the boards/discord like Chuck E Cheese's (only go there when you realllly have to and leave as soon as possible) and ignore any toxic folks while you are here/there.
  11. The link provided doesnt take me to discord. My account is linked and all, but I still dont have access to the actual discord page. I am old and tech averse and discord frightens me. Can you help? I just want to make sure I am not missing anything. I have read those rules over and over and there is nothing about like, for instance, "No building in military installations" or "Within 1000 meters of whatever. We just playing kinda loose with base building?
  12. I havent managed to make it over to discord yet. Having issues. Ticket is in. But in the meantime, assuming the rules are on discord and I cant access them, if there even are any, what are they?
  13. No worries. I kinda feel bad reporting it in the first place now that I see what happened. I hope y'all understand all I heard was some brit yelling about "bell ends" and then everything went black. So I figured it was just bad RP. Come to think of it, I don't know which was worse. Being called a bell end by a brit, or getting waxed and losing all my tier zero gear. Either way, you can shoot me in the face during a botched revenge robbery any time.
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