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  1. The link provided doesnt take me to discord. My account is linked and all, but I still dont have access to the actual discord page. I am old and tech averse and discord frightens me. Can you help? I just want to make sure I am not missing anything. I have read those rules over and over and there is nothing about like, for instance, "No building in military installations" or "Within 1000 meters of whatever. We just playing kinda loose with base building?
  2. I havent managed to make it over to discord yet. Having issues. Ticket is in. But in the meantime, assuming the rules are on discord and I cant access them, if there even are any, what are they?
  3. No worries. I kinda feel bad reporting it in the first place now that I see what happened. I hope y'all understand all I heard was some brit yelling about "bell ends" and then everything went black. So I figured it was just bad RP. Come to think of it, I don't know which was worse. Being called a bell end by a brit, or getting waxed and losing all my tier zero gear. Either way, you can shoot me in the face during a botched revenge robbery any time.
  4. All good. I spoke to one of the guys and everything is cleared up on my end. No hard feelings and no worse for wear. Being that this was my first experience RPing on the server and first time meeting up with anyone at all on the server, I thought maybe this all was par for the course. It's clear from the responses of the PG guys that this isn't the case and it was just a wrong place wrong time kinda thing. Please pull the report, if you don't mind. I have no issue at this point.
  5. Server and location: Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1-9-20 (I dont have a watch in game. It happened like 20 minutes ago) Your in game name: Hob Carson Names of allies involved: No idea. One dudes name was Sigfried? Name of suspect/s: Said they were Praetorian Guard Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Zero on me Detailed description of the events: I met some other players for the first time. There are like 4 of us. Eight other dudes show up saying they have supplies for the guys I had just met. Then they pull their guns, start shouting about a robbery and start killing everyone. My part in the scenario lasted... maybe six seconds? I didn't even have time to tell if they were serious or not before I was dead. -User was warned for this segment of their post-
  6. I just met some guys, said they were going to meet some other guys for supplies. Other guys show up. Rob and kill us. So now I gotta start a new toon? Do I have to write a whole new story too? Because I aint into doing all the homework to get shot and killed by some lames who cant RP a fuckin robbery scenario and start dropping people 4 seconds in. I kinda joined this server to get away from that stuff. I hadnt even managed to find a spot to live before I am dead 5 seconds into a robbery. If that's what this server is about, please let me know.
  7. Sorry, I am sure I am newer to the game than most around here. But killing myself over and over until I get the "right" face is brutal. Particularly considering on this server I start out with nothing to kill myself with for what seems like miles. Nothing to jump off of. No water deep enough to freeze. I tried running around with my shoes off, cutting down bushes with my hands. Still takes too long to bleed out. I just want my old man face. Help a brother out if you know some trick. BTW, loving the server so far. New start on Cherno in winter is horrible. I flipped an entire town and managed to find a flat cap. And I couldnt find anything with an edge anywhere. Couldnt find matches. Lighter. Not even a couple rocks. Froze to death. Forrrrrr the second time. Makes finding matches like finding a damn +4 vorpal sword. Like, "Well goddamn, I just won the game." *Queue Fang Island victory music in the background*
  8. Says I cant connect to Discord because my email is already associated with another member. If it helps, during the application process on this website I had to make an entirely new email address because my regular email address was "not allowed." Until yesterday/day before, I had never heard of the server. And I dont recall ever getting any email from this group. You all think its a glitch or is someone legitimately pulling a shenanigans? Orrrrrrrrr... am I losing my mind?
  9. I grew up a military brat, following my air force father wherever he was stationed. After high school, and to the chagrin of my father, I drifted. Having no real idea what I wanted to be or do. At 22 I knocked a girl up and thought I had best do SOMETHING. So I (once again, to the chagrin of my father) joined the Army. While I was serving, I met a war correspondent. He was a freelancer. Said money came in fits and starts. But the adventure and adrenaline more than made up for the financial deficit. It sounded like my kind of life. I took my new friends advice on breaking into the field and started taking photos and writing about everything and everywhere I went in the military. Being completely cursed with peace at the time, I had nothing to sell except my ability as a writer and photographer to make a story out of nothing. Proverbial "chicken soup out of chicken shit.". I was published a few times in the US Army Times. Had some pieces published in local papers. I wasn't bad. Once I got out of the military I began working as a freelancer. Taking any assignment, anywhere. Eventually my work got the notice of the right people and I more or less swung a payroll position with the AP. Gave me a title and everything. It was everything I wanted. Well... that and a simple, amicable divorce from my wife who, bless her for her sins, held on much longer than she should have. But yeah... been travelling the globe covering one horror show after the other ever since. I have a history of covering conflicts in the Cherno region. Including the former conflicts between Cherno and Russia. When tensions broke out again (as was inevitable), I was on the first flight back in country. I spent my time initially covering the standard stalemate between two belligerents who both want to be seen, publicly at least, as "the good guys." Listening to speeches, threats and pleas while also chasing after sporadic gunfights here and there that, officially, were never acknowledged by either side. Not many bodies, though. And bodies sold. I needed something. I needed bodies. And, to pull a line from Capt Willard, for my sins, they gave me bodies. When the ghouls started showing up, I felt like I was riding on the tip of "the story of the millennia." This was a legitimate game changer. It was a genuine epoch in our collective history. And I was there. At ground zero. Camera in hand. I had all the confidence in the world, after watching years of corny zombie movies, that the world was ready to defend itself against a real outbreak. So my soul concern was on getting the photos and the story, and to stay alive long enough to receive my Pulitzer. I was already planning out how to turn it into a hash pipe, I was that confident. I was a fool. Things unravelled quickly. Before I knew it (therefore, before most people knew it), I wasn't taking shots from the rooftops just for angles/lighting/juxtaposition. I was taking shots from the rooftops because they were the only safe places to do work from. The local yokels had lost control. It wasn't long after I heard strong rumors coming out of Russia that this was not contained at all, that my SAT feed to the AP went dead. And it has been silence ever since. But I have learned how to look out for myself after a career spent in combat zones. I can also fall back on some of my training as a former US soldier. I was a an engineer (heavy). So I know how to square a corner and swing a hammer. My only goal right now is to hunker down, stay alive, and wait for the cavalry. I know they're coming eventually. They have to be. Might take another year. Might take 10. But they're coming. Please, lord, dont make a fool of me twice.
  10. Brand spanking new 2020 model. Still got that new whitelist smell. Not a heavy RPer. I am not the type to try and push my narrative. Because... well... my narrative is generally, "Avoid trouble, scav for riches, live and let die." But looking forward to having fun on the server and, hopefully, helping the folks around here expand and extend their own RP experience when we do cross paths. See you all in game!
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