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  1. Honestly just a lot more d-sync and rubber banding. Takes like 5 seconds to open a door at times. Otherwise pretty much same as before in my experience. Or just bursts of lag like this one.
  2. Goodbye, to my favorite journal entry.. WIPE HYPE 

    1. IvarTheNarrator


      Also new song.😅

    2. ScouseViking


      it was a pleasure

  3. Exciting Times In The World Right Now!

  4. Hey Lana.. 

    1. Aisling


      Lana Del Bae

  5. It’s fun having some wind down RP with @HayLeigh and @GreenySmiley what more will the end days bring? also a wild @Lindse appears
  6. I Wish I had left something better than the VSS 😪

  7. It just got better and better, very funny! Good Work
  8. IvarTheNarrator

    Ivar's Ledger

    Often you will see and ledger in Ivar's hand, a bound moleskin book of sketches, notes and photos of new and old. These are the contents of such a ledger.
  9. 3 weeks seems so short, but the idea of progression based on lore events is really exciting. Seems to give purpose to actions which often feels lost on how characters act here. Sad but excited!
  10. You’re right... Forget Animal Crossing. cowboy bebop smoking GIF

  11. They started on Chernarus. Lorewise which seems very important to the discussion this wouldn't make sense because that is where it was started They moved, leaving labs, stashes etc. behind with NO PEOPLE to manage a business.. They decided to now move back it fits the lore. It would fit the drug lore not to mention 2 characters in the top 10 most of the time being there.
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