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  1. Feels like a positive move all around. Smaller map for the smaller base increasing RP potential across the board. Could increase lore potential too considering it’s closer proximity
  2. edgy Daemon


    always so good !
  3. Finally got some time to run around with you guys. Fun Little Excursion!!! @Wynne @Vandire @Foley @LongEggBoi and Cass (sorry forum name)! Also @lunathecat Very, Very interesting conversations tonight, this could end up being very fun. Much Love
  4. There are people I met roleplaying on twitter I really don't think I ever would have met without having that first interaction. I really thought there were going to be some individuals who would go on there and ruin in but NONE of that has happened and it really has extended the RP to a different and immersive medium
  5. stop this profile viewing tease! 

  6. Kind of just want to throw a shout out to everyone in the RAC/CLF for that pre fight tension. Some side love to the police force as well.. The back and forth was really great. Made the night feel so much more real when nothing ended in a shootout and we all got to see the fights still while still looking over our shoulders to see if something was happening. The unknown always insights more fear. Thanks
  7. Pleas help me roleplayer. @Mercer
  8. Stop making us lonely roleplayers more lonely okay mother
  9. So happy this popped up as to keep people grounded! Fun RP I have witnessed as well.
  10. Sounds dope, origin story feels real. See you out there civilian
  11. You boys look beautiful on camera.
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