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  1. Update I now am pushing 35 hours for the weekend... Yeah I am hooked.. Sticking my fingers into some storylines.. Starting my own as well now we moving!
  2. A gesture of good will.
  3. WOW! I dove head first in yesterday with hopes of roaming killing some infected meeting people. I got so much more than that! Within and hour or so in I was already meeting someone who is the type of character you will remember the entirety of your playtime. I logged 12 hours yesterday! Looking to do the same today. Trying to find my way around the region!
  4. Name: Ivar Mericle Occupation: Private Investigator Age: 27 Before "The Shit" I had my own investigation business going we weren't booming quite yet but I had a nack for it. You ever read that book With Hannibal Lector?? No no not that one. Red Dragon the one with the FBI guy Will Grahmn I always felt a little bit like that.. I had flown over to Korea from the States looking for work spent some time there before I flew into Chernarus.. I was never able to leave.. So though I know it is more than likely fruitless I wander trying to find people who may know how this all really started.. To scratch that part of my brain that craves to figure it all out. My Father was FBI. We never got along though.. He abused mother, I mean really really took it to her sometimes. I would be lying if I thought about killing him on more than one occasion. She is gone now, not dead no at least not as far as I know. Probably would have been a blessing at this point though, but I guess she just couldn't take it all anymore and ran off. I could never go work for them after everything FUCK THAT...before it went down he got promoted to director too so I am sure he is sitting real pretty somewhere not having to worry about all that.. I have always been a bit of a wanderer. I went where the work was. Oh you want to know about me? Me is a complication a sometimes I ask myself what am I? What have I become... what have we all become. How long will we make it, is there a way to fix all of this. Are you really who you were t this point anymore? Some say its a new life, yeah sure but when someone implies you get a fresh start I doubt anyone really felt like this was something they wanted.. I would love to find a place to settle down though. I have been alone for too long now.. You see so much on the THE ROAD.. I am tired. I think it's time for a break. A little back story, a little in the who He is, and plenty of room for character development through time.. Personality is trusting to those close to him but wary of strangers. Really tries to still see the good in people but has seen so much through his work that it blurs the lines and does make it complicated sometimes.. Smart.. Very good intuition and situational awareness. Does retain leadership type qualities, but would rather play the support type role unless really needed. Has extensive weapon training and Martial Arts Belts BJJ, and while in Korea started practicing Hapkido.
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