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"Death created time to grow the things that it would kill"

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  1. Daemon

    The Pedlars

    Congrats to the most active players I have ever seen! Get em
  2. fooly cooly smile GIF

    Always knew you had taste lil homie.

    1. ImKrullix


      Hell yeah

  3. Love you lil homie, I am still sorry about that eye! @Neo Made me do it !
  4. I like to take a healthy 4-5 steps back from everything that might have left a strange taste in my mouth. Consider the options. Consider what may have bothered me and then I ask that person what they think about those same things.. That being said it does take a person that is receptive to potential criticism which is not a quality every person has.
  5. Daemon

    Rae's Adventures

    My hero! Though I got him to turn the back to the woods where you guys were like 3 times. I did my part in that moment.
  6. Yo what’s the prize for being bean #4000? 😘

    1. Watchman


      cat icecream GIF ice cream

    2. Whitename


      fam what the fuck

  7. Off-Topic take over today
  8. image.gif.9272fafb89c4714a5e853bb0b6837ef0.gif
    Officially the best medical roleplayer on the server. Please confirm. @edgy Phoenix

    1. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix


      Attending Physician Doctor Cillian Holm, M.D. D.O. PhD .exe .png .txt .docx 
      Chief if Gynaecology 


  9. This should be illegal!!! @Watchman  🥵186B244E-8F9A-4B5B-AE89-E30E7FE77242.jpeg.b8ebccd7cad02bcc88ca12a1dfb13384.jpeg

    1. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      fucking beast

    2. ImKhaleesi


      Ugh goals.

  10. Poetic bean worthy content if I ever saw any
  11. Thanks for kicking Cillian's butt into gear even just a little bit @EmlynDiaries Also of course @edgy Phoenix I am sorry sorry! Wholesome hours
  12. Hey bro you’re pretty cringe. 


    now get your listen in for the day or no RP 

    1. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      you're the cringe one b

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