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"Death created time to grow the things that it would kill"

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  1. Cutey

    1. Daemon


      Handsome horse 

  2. “Get ig before I break your nico nico kneecaps” - Whitename Blake. 

    nico GIF

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  3. la spin GIF Blake has been bullied for the last time. 

    1. Burak



      WHO ?

  4. +1 To me it is simply a quality of life thing, never have I seen it elsewhere hinder Roleplay in any way. Besides most people just pop their discord overlay up anyways to achieve the same result with more distraction than the regular key would have.
  5. That's one of my favorite Milo songs, god damn

    1. Angel


      WHO TOLD YOU TO THINK??!!?!?!?!??

  6. pssst @edgy Dingle

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      edgy BeanMama


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      👀 see you soon

    3. edgy BeanMama

      edgy BeanMama


    4. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle


  7. I guess it do be that time huh. michael jordan shrug GIF @Neo

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      edgy BeanMama


      the HOMIES

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      oh lawd they comin


  8. fooly cooly smile GIF
    Alright, updated the goods. 

  9. Is it flamebait if I call you a nerd?

    1. Duke


      It is if he reports it 😆

    2. Daemon


      Now things are getting interesting. 😎

    3. Noble


      *Finger itches to call him a nerd* 👀

  10. Ivar was always a realist which some people see as more of a nihilist in most cases. He always stood firm within every belief he had. The life he saw in his adolescence shaped how he saw people and how he saw this world. His younger sister and their bond was something that kept him grounded. She wasn't like him. He would go through medical school as well as film schooling deciding to follow somewhat in the fractured path their Father led he went into Forensic Photography as he was incredibly gifted with the camera but had a taste for darkness as well as doing what he could in the moments others were helpless to help them. He would do this for many years until moving into into his own practice of becoming a Private Detective Spending a lot of time in El Paso Texas in the borderlands. During this time he met young Damian, a peculiar young kid with a gift for connecting to people as well as connecting people. Ivar would become his at home tutor when the contracts were slow. Their bond was strong and they were inseparable. They would take their studies on the road for Damian for his family was wealthy. While doing some of his own work Damian and his mother went to Chernarus for an extended visit in January Ivar was going to meet up with them at the end up of and while getting settled in the new country the third wave took control of the country and chaos arose and this made it incredibly difficult for them to find each other and Ivar began his search.
  11. why are you not fucking edgy >:c

    1. Daemon


      It was just a phase momdrunk weed GIF by Bruno Lisboa

  12. Easily some of the best graphics
  13. Curious George is killing me lil homie lmao

    1. AtrixLR


      Real chimp hours

    2. Daemon


      nice boy monkey

  14. Daemon

    The Pedlars

    Congrats to the most active players I have ever seen! Get em
  15. fooly cooly smile GIF

    Always knew you had taste lil homie.

    1. ImKrullix


      Hell yeah

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