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  1. I would improve the thread to the correct requirements and would also make it look nicer, is this going to be on standalone or the mod? It is going to be on the standalone. Besides the admin approval what other requirements have I not met and need to change?
  2. Thanks guys for all the help, we have removed the informal tags for our names and will make sure to have our group approved by an admin in the future before using the tags.
  3. We are a new group on the RP server and we are dedicated to helping those in need and protecting the weak. We are based in the factory between Polana and Orlovets. We are currently only 2 members, and can be recognized by our black Chernarussian movement of the red star berets. (Be warned this is not hard for bandits to imitate!!!). If anyone wishes to join the group post here on the forums. Thanks Edit: Also any ideas regarding the group will be much appreciated.