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  1. Yeah well when I was bored, i used to read funny story's that have happened to everyone.kind of real stories...
  2. Yeah thanks well nice post you share........!!!!!!!!
  3. salar521


    Wishings and greetings to you...........!!!!!!!!
  4. Game is the best show out there right now! I just wish they would provide more than a mere 10 episodes per season. Nine months is a loonnngggg time to wait for a new season but wait I will, like it or not...
  5. is that the latest episode? It was about a blackout so the name kinda fits. I watch the new season on youtube...
  6. salar521

    Random funny videos thread

    hahahahaa wow too funny that was.
  7. wow awesum, i realy like it.
  8. where's the picture buddy.
  9. welcome. I'm necessarily "new", I wanted to say hello to everyone on the forums