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      @JoeRogan nice

  2. Solid rp coming from this group, All the interactions I've had with this group have been amazing.
  3. Had a lovely interaction with one of your members, @22ozer excited to see where this group group goes.
  4. Looks awesome, It'd be nice to have it in black as well.
  5. Good morning, Griffith POV: I woke up in the airfield down by industrial, Getting a feel for my surroundings I decided to radio my friends and tell them that I'm playing DayZRP today and I'm logged at the airfield, All of the people you see in the video happily came down to NWAF to regroup with me to do some looting runs and to have some fun roaming around the map making up some adventures. After I radioed them I made my way to tents because I normally find people there, I could see a fire from where I was on top of the bunker, Not wanting to go down to the fire and not seeing anyone I assume that there's going to be some people here, I tell my friends over the radio that I'm not alone here and I might need a hand. They respond and say we'll hurry up just talk with whoever you see and keep your radio on, (double mic) so we know if anything bad happens to you. So I tell them alright, I skip tents and head to the north barracks in search of the group or person that lit the fire, I hangout for a bit, They update me that they're by tents, I make up a pretty funny plan as a joke and decide to execute it, I tell my friends what I'm wearing and I say, You should rob me and the group of people I come across and make it look your looking for me, I make some noise and start looting and shooting a few zombies, I stick my head in a barracks room and poke my head out again, A man standing tall on top of a barracks roof, At first I was shocked that I actually found a person, At this time my friends we're already in this part of the airfield, Listening to me talking to the man over the radio, I never responded to them over the radio, I was talking to the man up until the point until my lovely kidnappers jumped out of nowhere and took a few things Zanann and snatched me up, I was told to keep my hands up and escorted out of the airfield and then we ran away.. (Quick note: The hobo thing is isn't to like troll or whatever, That's what my character looks like, Like I have civ gear and long beard and beanie and the new jacket that got added, So every time my friends run into me they're like, "What the hell Griff, You look like a stinky hobo dressed like that, Here put this on". Overall it's just something funny my friends have been teasing me about.)
  6. Joel Taylor, A simple man who traveled to chernarus to take in the culture and learn more about this part of Europe he's never been to. Joel is a frequent traveler with a good mentality which lets him stay places that most people can't stand for long. He's a strong and smart individual who can live off the land and can use firearms with ease. He doesn't go out of his way to rob people nor kill, He kills those who prey on the week with his friends. He knows how to navigate at night using stars, He's a all american tough guy who can hunt as well. He was a mechanic before the outbreak, He spent his time traveling and fixing cars when he wanted to.
  7. Sashka had a troubled past as a young male,with no father figure in his life he often found himself getting into trouble with the other children around his area. One day he and his friends were caught breaking into a storage facility that housed older cars. That's when his mother decided that was the last straw and sent him away to a military school. Sashka found that this was perfect and didn't seem like a punishment to him, he quickly made light of his situation and graduated at the top of his class and served in the Russian military as a intelligence officer and found that the pay would be better in contracting in different parts of Europe, he was contracted out to chernarus after the war in Ukraine.
  8. Joel Miller: I woke up a few Km from the power station and decided to look around for some nails and whatnot, I found a base and a hacksaw and decided to break in the backdoor, I broke in the back door and began to drag the cabinet out so i could take it with me. I finish and notice this dude not minding his surroundings and i thought he was the base owner, I sit and watch him for a bit and then initiate, I was gonna let him go if he did throw up his hands. edit: Skip to 2:37 for the encounter with op
  9. I've posted my pov, I'm not gonna reply further until a admin @'s me smh
  10. I mean if you want a IC reason why i raided you guys, You guys were really disrespectful to my people who turned up NINE deep ready to come help because we heard you guys were getting raided by the 503 one day, But you guys said "Oh! We scared them off" and got real sketchy with us and shooed us out of stary yarr. Edit: it would've been pretty nice to actually fight you guys but sadly you weren't on.
  11. Talked to the op for a bit, I think their walls despawned or the admin pulled wrong logs because we didn't tear down all of the walls for nails. They only destroyed a frame and wall to get into your pub 04:20:42 | Player "Harley Dutton" (pos=<4938.9, 14849.3, 450.8>) destroyed Fence with Hatchet 04:08:44 | Player "Brian Peterson" (pos=<4938.8, 14849.8, 450.8>) destroyed Fence with Splitting Axe Don't see how this would be griefing. Still willing to talk this out with op.
  12. POV: Doctor Ice said that homefront were attacked by 503 and there wasn't really much left he thought proposed that we could go down there and take a some storage left, (Note this happened awhile ago and this was the only raid i did on them.) Anyways back to the raid, We broke into the pub and grabbed lockers and loaded them into our car and drove down the road and stuffed them behind some rocks so i could come back for them later because it was late, Sadly i wasn't sneaky enough with my placement of the lockers and they found all of their things.
  13. I will throw this out there and i am certain that the cavs will confirm this, But i do not share the town the cavs they live elsewhere. The only people that stay within the walls within novo are residents and full citizens of novo.
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