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  1. My name is Navaro Navolsky, I am a Ukrainian-American. I was visiting South Zagoria, Chernarus visiting my friends and documenting the war that was on-going in the region for awhile. I stayed in the region for a couple years before I planned to head back to the US. I was set at a militarized airport ready to head back to the states. This is when the chaos is set loose, and I meet my friend deployed from the USA. Bombardments were happening all around, then the others claimed to be seeing dead mean walking, reacting to nothing but sound. They said these beast ate others alive, without thought. The airport was set on a full lock down - no one allowed to leave or enter until further notice. I noticed every guard and service member had ran out and abandoned their posts, gunshots in the distance... That was my chance to get out of that place. I had met the fellow American while doing this, and we used my vehicle to get to the big city of Elektrozavodsk to meet some of my close friends that had supplies stashed away in-case of war. There were burning vehicles in the streets, the rumors true, dead men walking. Totaled cars everywhere, pure chaos. The last thing I remember is going around a curve and the car flipping at high speeds. I'm somewhere unfamiliar, and I'm ready to keep moving.
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