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  1. Brian O'Connor was born in Sanford Florida to Stanley and Donna O'Connor in 2001. Brian was an average student but at the age of 17 he decided to finish off all of his high school credits to join the Marines. After completing marine basic training he signed up for Marine Medical School, which he completed with flying colors. Later after a short stint at home with his family he received a call no off duty marine wants to hear, he was being deployed to Syria. After saying goodbye to his family he reported to his currently assigned base along with the rest of his unit. They were packed into AC-130's and shipped off to Syria to combat the regimes advances into US controlled territory. Soon after arriving to the front lines they almost instantaneously came under heavy fire. Brian who was now a combat medic quickly took to tending to his fellow marines wounds but lacked the proper sanitized equipment to help some of the men properly. Forced to work on low supplies and with unsanitary equipment he struggled to save the lives of his patients and lost 2 of his fellow marines in the process. Others in his platoon told him he did the best he could do but Brian refused to believe it he blamed the lack of logistics and himself on the faulty equipment and lack of sanitation. Brian later on spoke to his superiors about his lack of confidence in the Logistical system and that he may have some ideas on how to improve it. While most of them simply ignored him and wrote him off as rebellious one of Brian's officers decided to hear him out. After listening to Brian's propositions the officer acknowledged his ideas and offered Brian something he would never have expected. The Lieutenant Colonel offered Brian a position in his personal advisors, Brian astonished said yes. Soon after being promoted to 2ndLt Brian and his commanding officer were deployed with a covert unit being sent off to Chernaurus to deal with the strange outbreak of a virus currently dubbed the "Frenzied Flu". Brian's ideas were used to great effect in combating the virus, assisting marine patrols in staying safe on operations and properly verifying infections at checkpoints. Soon after securing Cherno and Elektro as the Americans had simply called them a large wave of infected besieged the cities. All of Brian's protocols and precautions failed to help them under a tide of the undead, panicked Brian attempted to ex-filtrate along with his unit but failed to do so after his leg was injured. Left by himself without the scattered remains of his unit he was soon mugged for all of his belongings by bandits and left to fend for himself in this cold and unfamiliar land. He now searches for other Marine survivors and hopes to one day bring order to Chernaurus.
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