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  1. Boris Yaketnov was born in 1979 at the start of the Soviet-Afghan war in the Chernogorsk General Hospital, but was immediately given up for adoption. He lived in an orphanage until the age of five until he was taken in by an elderly couple living in the Chernaurussian backwoods. His adoptive father served as a Political Commissar during operation Barbarossa and up to the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. His adoptive father instilled in him his devout beliefs in the Communist Ideology, as well as preparing Boris for military service. Boris lived with his family in the russian backwoods until the age of 25. The only problem is Boris's father had never informed him of the end of the Soviet Union, so whenever Boris traveled to Chernaurus looking to enlist he was horrified at the sight of a different flag flying upon the town halls post. Boris's whole life soon fell apart around him, the country he had been devout to all his life had collapsed while he was only 11 and had been replaced by what he saw as a corrupt capitalist regime. Boris slowly began to rebuild his life and in doing so joined the CDF, shortly after attaining the rank of Junior Sargent he began hearing talk of a faction forming in the far north a faction supporting the old ways. Boris was immediately intrigued and soon sought others among his ranks that shared his mind set, Boris and 10 other troopers deserted their base under the cover of night heading to a commonly known recruiting station for this strange and new faction. Upon arrival the group walked into the recruiting station and was greeted by a group of older grizzled looking men wearing old tattered uniforms, Boris being schooled by his father immediately recognized these as uniforms of the Soviet Military Police. Boris approached these men and thanked them for their service to the Union and began to ask them questions about this strange faction in the north. Luckily for Boris's group these men were Red Star recruiters who quickly initiated the young men assigning them to a rebel cell just outside of the town of Kamensk. Boris's cell was tasked with the destruction of the largest military base in northern Chernaurus, Boris was assigned as the squad leader of the group of men he was enlisted with and was charged with infiltrating the base and destroying key systems. Boris's squad was obviously chosen for this position due to their previous experience within the CDF , Things were going smoothly until Boris's men reached the gate the CDF had changed their uniform patterns causing the men's previous uniforms to be registered obsolete. Soon after recognizing what was conspiring the CDF gate guards opened fire killing 2 men and wounding Boris. Boris Quickly ordered his squad in retreat with him and his men hiding deep within the wilderness for multiple weeks until everything died down. But instead of ever leaving hiding Boris's squad was informed over radio that he should remain in hiding until the date of 1/19/20. And so Boris missed the events of the infection staying undercover deep in unmarked territory with his squad, so far deep in fact that whenever they emerged on week before the set date they were in utter shock of what they saw. Their beautiful chernaurus was covered in these strange infected and their people massacred. Boris's squad soon engaged the infected going on an infected rampage until eventually they hit the coast. Soon after hitting the coast Boris's squad was engaged by a group of bandits. The bandits soon overwhelmed the squad killing most of Boris's squad with two fleeing and leaving Boris to a final stand. The bandits soon captured Boris whenever he eventually ran out of ammunition they knocked him out with the butt of their weapons, looted him of all his gear, and left him for dead on the beach.
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