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  1. In Marks early years he showed a strong interest in Helping friends and became very sociable with all those he met. During his school he was a clever kid we would always shoot for the stars and doing the best he could possibly do, unfortunately 2 years into secondary school his father passed away from cancer and from there he pushed away his mother blaming her for his passing when deep down he knew it wasnt her fault.....in the end of school he moved away with his girlfriend he was dating for 4 years. He applied for med school and made it into med school and spent a few years Training towards becoming a medic. However a year into his study he Contacted his mother apologizing for everything and tried to mend the bridges he tore down. His mother meant the world to him before he left her without a real meaning., once he returned his mother had remarried and mark did not approve however as mark was a training medic he swore he would do no harm and try and be peaceful so from there he would try and resolve any issues he had with his mother and her alone. At the age of 20 he was a trained medic and working towards becoming a Doctor, this was a big step for mark as he dreamed of being a doctor for longer than he could remember, his end goal was the be trained in emergency medical and become a first responder for the Nhs. While doing his PhD in Emergency Medical he worked for Saint Johns ambulances working as part of the ambulance crew. A year and a half later he decided he wanted to travel and give aid in places around the world that required medical help.... he took a holiday absence from his PhD and traveled to Norway where he heard of The tragedies over the past few years. He made his way to Nyheim to start his Aid relief and start his new story.
  2. With much regret I’m going to have to abandon the group as I’ve not got enough time in the current moment to run the group
  3. Havent had anyone interested yet but looking to try find some members soon
  4. @Duke After Reading your Feedback and Brain storming with @Dr Bradley we have come up with a new lore and goals. The feed back given was much appreciated and taken into consideration so again i really do appreciate the Feedback!! Enjoy!
  5. ——————————— ——————————— ——————————— As the world around them started to develop and alter back into some normality the scales of life started to even out, people once again returned to somewhat of daily life. Shops were built and homes made. This was a new beginning for the people that were craving to return to normal. “No more living in the woods” people cried out many expressed their delight and eagerness to get into a home that had a warm bed and a fire to keep them and their family warm for many years to come. It was not too long until word spread around the region that a place was being built like this and many people packed their bags and spoke about it like it was made by the gods themselves. A gift from the all mighty all father and his warriors to keep us safe from the outside elements and the creatures that walked the earth they echoed. A seer once described the city as a walled-off fortress that not even the dwarfs from the far north in the snowy mountains could craft something so strong to even breach the gates. But within the north in the snowy mounties, a camp that was led by a man named Arne heard the rumours of this city being built and wanted to see it for himself. ——————————— ——————————— Years passed and Arne was now all alone with no camp and no people to follow or call friends or followers. The words of his father's voiced echoed throughout the night calling out while he was in a light sleep. Arne thought this darkness was a punishment for his father betrayal to the gods and now he was suffering the fate of his father. This drove Arne mad and the voices slowly started to make sense to Arne, instead of letting the voices hurt him he let them in by praying. He thought the gods were trying to tell him something, something that he needed to know for his destiny. As the day's turned into nights Arne would sit down in the woods and light a fire in the name of Odin and his children, and he began to kill the animals that he caught and paint the blood onto his hands, feet and face. Humming and the rattling of the bones that he cut out of the dead echoed into the woods, this was the first time Arne did this and afterwards, he felt closer to the gods and he now knew his purpose. One just like his father's path but with a twist. The gods told him to light a flame on the night of each 7 day that had passed and sacrifice something to us. But every night the gods demanded more. And this gave birth to the practice of the "Seven" As the seventh day came closer and closer to approaching Arne would feel the power from the earth get stronger around him. He would crush herbs in preparation and drink the elixir's that he made, this sending him into a dark sleep or into a trance where he would see the gods and walk in the valley of the dead with Hel. After seven weeks passed the final Seventh-day came and this day was marked as the "cleansing" in Arne's eyes as the gods brought him to a river far up north in the mountains. This is where the fire started to dance in front of Arne and this showed him his life and told the story of his death. He was taken back by what he saw but the gods told him that if he bathed within the pure-blooded river that was crafted by the giant Ymir he would be safe. Bathing in this river would give sight and great strength to those that were worthy enough to stand within. And those that were not would feel the dead begin to pull them into Niflheim. ——————————— ——————————— Arne is now at the stage where his father was but he has built something that is a lot more long-standing and he has created his own version of the Pagan religion. Brought in new ways to thank the gods and made special days and rules to follow so everyone knows what they are doing and how they are supposed to do it. He gained a following by it was a slow one, he only gained the following of the crazy and the weak-minded. The ones that were easy to torment and bring in to help aid the building of the new camp. But all of them seen this as normal as all of them were a bit crazy. The followers moved towards the river and stayed there, this helped them feel stronger and also gave them a source of water. And also gained them a holy place to pray and bring in new people. Their way of life changed when they start to follow Arne and his ways, From their dress code to how they did things. People were painted in specific colours, this would be on their arms, face and feet and sometimes even on their back. This would show who they were and what they did within the camp. Also, Arne introduced "holy creatures and items" These things were seen as gifts from the gods and could not be used/killed in any way. From this began a new era of Arne's vision for a new paganism but he didn't live for long to see what it would become.... As one of his followers was filled with greed and anger. Ragnar wanted his power and within the night killed Arne for his place to be the leader within the camp. Ragnar was already very popular and people saw him as the new leader if Arne ever died. The next morning when Arne's wife woke up and saw that her husband was dead she screamed for help. Not knowing what happened to her husband she went to find help and there Ragnar was with a man in hand. This man had blood all over him and Ragnar said that he was the man to blame for the killing. As he saw the man running from Arne's tent late in the morning. Everyone believed Ragnar and killed the man for the killing of Arne. This now placing Ragnar in charge of the camp what would come from his new found power.... ——————————— ——————————— ——————————— ——————————— ——————————— ——————————— Ragnar Torsten - @Dr Rex Elias McCulloch - @Elias_413 Maximillian Marley - @GucciOnFrozone Sam Murdock- @Madlame ——————————— ——————————— If your interested in joining the group then please message @Dr Rex Age: Country(Timezone): Previous groups: RP Experience: Why would you like to join: Character Page (Once available): Contributions: @Dr Bradley - Lore and Graphics @Dr Bradley- Group Goals
  6. A boat I think I can’t remember that was 2 characters ago
  7. I don’t like the suspense!! friday is gonna be a good day!! unfortunately I’m at the pub that evening
  8. Thanks! And for sure we have big plans
  9. Honestly i dont recall saying this...obviously i did say this with the video but i dont recall saying it into game chat i said that into discord i think i may have double pressed the Voip Button
  10. So from if noticed the car which was identical to the one we had stolen from our garage so I went over even tho I hadn’t seen the gentleman before I made conversation while inspecting his car as it would possibly arouse less suspicion and I wasn’t looking for an arguement. So I started with “you look very familiar, just the cheek bones look familiar” which they didn’t I was just taking a look at the car. i then wandered over to my compatriots and told them that it was a car and to have a chat with him about it. i then walked away as I was looking for food and behind me I heard multiple suppressed shots. I saw one of my friends trying to run away but he was shortly gunned down... I didn’t get my gun out as I knew I stood no chance and I hadn’t personally initiated on the gentleman I don’t have footage as my software wasn’t running due to storage issues
  11. I was there and he was baiting them to start a scene and soon as the solo guy was initiated on by two others with guns drawn he pulled out his gun and killed them both they guy wasnt worrying about his own life....there was multiple people there that can confirm it aswell
  12. I appreciate the feedback and will for sure do this thank you again!
  13. In Dr Palmer's First few Weeks in Chernarus he knew there wasn't much he could do alone. After several days of searching and roaming around he met an old friend called Dr Ji Kim. They met a year or so after Dr Palmer enlisted into med school through tragedy As Dr Palmer Spiraled down a great well of depression with many sessions with Dr Kim he finally made his way out of the well. Once these two linked up Dr Kim had an idea of traveling north, according to him not much had been touched up there in terms of food and supplies so north they went. During their travels Dr Palmer would babble on about his great idea to start a colony “Hey Dr Kim we should start our own colony….for those in need in these trying times…..we gather farmers, doctors, fighters and people alike and Boom we can start changing the future” In return to this Dr Kim replied with. “Pffff lets be real for a minute, that's not going to be an easy task especially not for 2 doctors lets just keep going“. However to his surprise Dr Palmer was being serious and really wanted to start fresh in this country and create a community with those who need it. Once they hit Novaya Petrovka they found all they needed, food and supplies...however during this time they encountered a Horde of the infected much larger than they had encountered before so their only option was to run. They locked themselves into a large building waiting for the horde to pass. After many hours Dr Kim had fallen asleep and Dr Palmer decided he needed to be productive so he ventured out making sure he would be back in time for when Dr Kim wakes up. During his Adventure Dr Palmer met a few people who he told his story to and they liked the idea of having a place they could finally call home and so Dr Palmer was Certain he could make it work, after hours of searching for a small town that would suit his needs he finally found a few good spots. Dr Palmer was Never good at naming anything However he realized this was going to be a Fresh start or a new beginning and from his time in a private school he remembered the Latin words for a new beginning however at first his ideas varied from the new road or the New way however he personally didn't think they had the same ring to them. So he decided to stick with Initium Novum (A New Beginning). Dr Palmer was happy with the way things were going and to ensure that his plan was to work he needed to meet more people and collect enough money to trade with people for items they can use to build with. He found another outpost with a large number of survivors in the north called the transporters and as Dr Palmer had a spare gun and some supplies he traded them for 1000 Rubles. This was the start of the community. After a few days of travelling around Dr Palmer came across two guys who looked as if they needed a purpose one of them was John vokan and the other was called Adam Collins both of which Dr Palmer asked if they wanted to help him create his great idea. A few days passed and by this time they found another survivor and Dr Palmer was certain his group was going to work out so they traveled to the village they are soon to call home. Dr Palmer wanted this town to represent something they had all once had….Community. He wanted to make a place where anyone was welcome and would have multiple alliances to ensure they were safe and to remain in a good standing with the locals. He wanted the town to be self-sufficient and not rely on outsiders for their food and water. He wished to seek a trading agreement which could benefit both groups as he intended to be a trader originally "A Group for those who wish to live in peace" Orange= Not complete Green=Complete 1) Create Farms x3 (2/3) (Day 150) 2) Join/Create an Alliance with 2 other groups (Day 120) 3) Set up a Trading Building in the town (Day 150) 4) Have a working Community Hospital (Day 100) 5) Recruit Survivors x10 (2/10) (Day 75) 6) Recruit Doctors, Builders and Farmers (Day 70) 7) Help Survivors for there future Journeys (0/10) (Day 200) 8} Form a Town militia/Army (Day 100) 9) Create/operate the Tavern for guests to sell food and drink (Day 70) 10) Secure the compound (Day 50) 11) set up a second medical building (Day 200) 12) learn more about the gas and find out where it’s coming from and try and replicate the cures (day 250) 1) Bring a friendly group to the community 2) Provide a Location for MedRp and General RP 3) Give New players a Place to start with a passive group 4) Try create Fun RP Scenarios 5) Bring the community together in a peaceful fashion Roster @Joshxald- Dr John Palmer cardiothoracic-Leader @Astraal- Russell Beck Dentist-Farmer @Adam Collins- Adam Collins Hunter @Madlame- Nathan Murdock Hunter @Thugboat- Brian Kelly Security @Mr Wilford- Joseph Wilford Security-BioMedic @Coyote-Marshall Darling neurochem-doctor @Elias_413- Elias McCulloch Hunter @Fercheze- Kosomov Yakovich Farmer @Mr_Krucker- Farmer Recruitment Please Dm me @Joshxald with the following answers: Age: Timezone: Characters Name: Why do you want to join initium Novum: What can you bring to the group: How long youve Played Dayzrp: Prefered Role: Little bit about your character:
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