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  1. I don’t like the suspense!! friday is gonna be a good day!! unfortunately I’m at the pub that evening
  2. Thanks! And for sure we have big plans
  3. Honestly i dont recall saying this...obviously i did say this with the video but i dont recall saying it into game chat i said that into discord i think i may have double pressed the Voip Button
  4. So from if noticed the car which was identical to the one we had stolen from our garage so I went over even tho I hadn’t seen the gentleman before I made conversation while inspecting his car as it would possibly arouse less suspicion and I wasn’t looking for an arguement. So I started with “you look very familiar, just the cheek bones look familiar” which they didn’t I was just taking a look at the car. i then wandered over to my compatriots and told them that it was a car and to have a chat with him about it. i then walked away as I was looking for food and behind me I heard multiple
  5. I was there and he was baiting them to start a scene and soon as the solo guy was initiated on by two others with guns drawn he pulled out his gun and killed them both they guy wasnt worrying about his own life....there was multiple people there that can confirm it aswell
  6. I appreciate the feedback and will for sure do this thank you again!
  7. In Dr Palmer's First few Weeks in Chernarus he knew there wasn't much he could do alone. After several days of searching and roaming around he met an old friend called Dr Ji Kim. They met a year or so after Dr Palmer enlisted into med school through tragedy As Dr Palmer Spiraled down a great well of depression with many sessions with Dr Kim he finally made his way out of the well. Once these two linked up Dr Kim had an idea of traveling north, according to him not much had been touched up there in terms of food and supplies so north they went. During their travels Dr Palmer would bab
  8. Born in London, England John Palmer from a young age was always interested in the workings of the human body. His parents Susan and Jacob where also doctors both of which excelled in the medical world. His parents put him into Private schools to increase his knowledge and make sure he could be the best version of himself. During the time at the Private school John wasn't exactly the most sociable as he would always work alone and never spend any time with anyone else. During his many years of Private school he became even more interested in the workings of the heart. Months after he finished p
  9. It would be a cool way to create more stories and relationships between characters and it’d be a very cool item to just see aswell
  10. I think this would be a great addition for medical roleplay and if players decide they want to be an older person the walking stick is perfect for it
  11. Dr Rex

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the community!!
  12. I think itll be cool to have however as @DrLettuce said it may be something that isnt used as much because we already have face masks Never the less tho i think it'd be a cool addition
  13. Day 6 15/03/2021 Today I had met 3 individuals at the airfield 1 one was a woman who I felt was in charge of the 3 as she started talking and they seemed to be following her closely one of them was a kind gentle man tried to help me neutralise the infected that was pursuing me. I don't recall the third one talking so I'm not sure of where they was from but the 2 I did hear sounded American. I found myself some ammo which was well needed but nothing in terms of the case I missed yesterday as nothing had happened More will follow tomorrow
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