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  1. Meraoul

    Chernarus: ATC at NWAF, invalid kill

    I'm new there and just read the above. I never heard of anyone involved since this was basically my first interaction on DayZRP... My mic wasn't working well and I was messing around with my settings going back and forth between the game and windows therefore unfortunately missing part of the rp experience. This is why @C-J and his friends found me standing still in the toilets. I then complied with their (rude) requests and ended up being tied up behind the fence that @miss_natcula had opened before hearing someone unexpectedly shouting threats from behind and shooting me a few seconds later (from behind I guess) without letting me the time to even realise what was happening. I did not record anything.
  2. Raoul Sakage is a guitar player who was born and raised in the South of France. After trying his best to become a well known blues musician for a few years after quitting school, he realized that his lack of natural talent would make him a lucky man if enabling his to pay his bill. He therefore started working as a private guitar teacher in his home town until a major heartbreak made him take the decision to travel, a decision that would be life changing to say the least. Taking his guitar and the rest of his possessions that could fit in a travel bag, he left by bus to Eastern Europe and lived for a few weeks on his savings and undeclared little jobs before going broke after the robbery of his YMCA that left him with his guitar as his sole possession. The very next day destiny struck and he met a man named Raymond who would be his last boss, in his last job. Raymond was the band leader of the Costa Risacca, a 3000 passengers ship cruising in the Black and Green Seas, that offered Raoul to replace immediately one of the three guitarists of the official ship's band that had recently disappeared without saying a word. Seeing this opportunity as the only way out of a shameful return to his hometown, Raoul accepted the proposal and onboard the Costa Risacca on the first of July 2017 for his first cruise that was supposed to last for a month before ending in Sochi, Russia. Everything went well for the first few days and Raoul liked this everything about this new experience but a bitter taste of fear started to bother him around July the 10th when rumors of an incoming international conflict between Russia and Chernarus started spreading among the crew members. The rest is history and of course he and every passengers of the ship followed the international crisis that came after, fearing for them and for their families until the ship Captain took the emergency decision to shorten the cruise and head for Sochi for a debarkation on July the 22nd. However this day never came and what appeared to be a wise decision ended being the beginning of a nightmare for the few passengers that survived the disaster that struck the ship in the night of July the 21st when it struck a rock formation and went down several miles off the coast of South Zagoria, just a few hours from its final destination. Raoul somehow made it to shore in the middle of July the 22nd, drifting alone on a partly destroyed lifeboat, and then only realized that his second life had begun and that he would now have to fight for it in order to survive in Chernarus. He had only heard of infected so far but could now see them for real from far away. His first thoughts were that he would miss playing guitar and that the others passengers who had died maybe were the lucky ones. His second one was that he would do his best to turn things around, and that had to start with meeting others uninfected first, if there were any...
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