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  1. Can't wait to meet you all! Have fun and take it easy!
  2. I do all three and try to maintain the no response rule. I know stuff is going to happen no one can control yet amnesty for the genuine roleplayers and shopkeepers would be ideal for someone in my situation. This is in no way a demand, just a poll to see where everyone considers the idea. I like doing it and would like to see the seed spread if you follow?
  3. That is the goal, I've already begun the process and just kinda letting the roleplay develop. If it happens, you'll know it.
  4. I have said it wrong.. I knew that and have said it twice due to the band ghost lol my b Not related to the poll, I am glad that people enjoy the broadcast, most are very respectful and full of support. The cringe stuff could be taken IC as someone who is just immature and asinine. Either way, the voices are often identifiable.
  5. Agreed, it's more of issuing a challenge for the sake of clean broadcasting and enjoyable atmosphere that we might expect from role play.
  6. I am the person doing Apocalyptic Radio, I know a common issue that most radio hosts have is disturbances of all types, limiting one of those ways would be adding either a receiving function to radios or a radio that is only capable of such. It is a tall order but I feel it is worth it for any sort of entertainment on a broad scale for the server. I welcome competition and want to see radio a popular form of coping with the barren world. (A little OOC note, it has seemed to help people dealing with the isolation of covid, it breaks my heart to see and want to help in any way.)
  7. Love it! Nice to see something fresh
  8. Is there a way to prevent this? If the item is in the hands of another player it de-spawns after X amount of time or something of the sort? I'm not asking for a whole big shabang but if the code exists is it not worth trying?
  9. @Taniks, @ThatOneGuy281, @AlkisLR, and the Muslim (Green Armband beauties) group member + the volunteer for being involved in the rookie firefighters suffering severe burns and smoke inhalation to find nothing but great roleplay! Love you all for that, sorry I couldn't get you all. Thanks to @JasonBR for the great medical RP.
  10. Dag nabit Sunny, I was thinking the same thing.
  11. I MEAN... No one would've heard, like a tree when no one's around.
  12. Was fun being a scared assistant over your bleeding body. Wonderful stuff
  13. Which one is it, in order its someone way to close to their mic, maybe Tryax going OOC (not in his Kirill voice) or someone thinking black screen = death? DrCrazyGamer, Taniks, (me dieing somewhere in those three seconds before Jag says anything) and RocJag.
  14. Helpdesk comparison? Little easier to be in a natural voice when you're speaking to someone.
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