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  1. I would like to address the accusation of lying in a report. I have already stated several times that I was having computer issues, likely due to the large amount of players in the surrounding area, and that on my screen there was never any indication that my hands had gone down. However, I have conceded that, when watching the video slowed down, it does appear that my character lowered their hands, and thus I believe that the execution was valid, and was merely a misunderstanding.
  2. Having seen that in the way you suggested I would like to close the report, you're absolutely correct that it appears my hands go down, no matter what happened on my end. I believe that to be a misunderstanding.
  3. Server and location: Chernarus S1, Olsha Radio Tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 11:30 UTC, 6/29/20 Your in game name: Samuel Matthews Names of allies involved: Drew Williams, Vaughn Enfield, Kirill Zapada, Jack Morgan, Roe Alkahar, Dimitri Lovowich, Jager Casanova (Video by Jager) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://youtu.be/IEW1ENl2ey4 Unfortunately my game was lagging intensely with as many people as were present so crashes and desync were a constant hazard. My character can be seen in the last minute with his hands up the entire time, and at Jager's death (the person recording) I'm 99% certain that's the time of my death too but again I was having PC issues. Detailed description of the events: We arrived at Olsha an hour or so before, taught some of the kids how to shoot automatics with everything that has been happening in their town. We were on our way out when a leader of Olsha was being followed from Berenzino to Olsha, so we thought we'd wait for a while, set up a perimeter and get the vulnerable into buildings, we took our group up to the radio tower where a suspicious man was only speaking hostilities and making it very clear that he was calling out our position to his buddies over the radio either IC or OOC because we couldn't hear him half the time. His friends arrived and one told me to put my hands up, I complied and continued to do so because I had no chance of making a move. I don't know who fired first, I know that my group was only initiated on by one guy and was shot by several from what I can tell in the video while my game was having issues.
  4. The conversation we had with @wastingdoor started with his involvement in a meeting with the character Batsy, @wastingdoor was hired for the meeting as security for the GD's man, as he told me. Later on he roleplayed that his character had been tortured by the GD after that meeting, he reveled scars and a missing pinkie toe, two days later he told @Lord Seal "Charcoal", myself, and a few others of the identification (Fingers and Toes identification that we used IC after the fact in what was thought to be a GD attack on Olsha yesterday at the time of this post) it was supposed to represent either a victim of torture by the GD or a GD patient. He mentioned that castles were a key site, he mentioned devils castle was abandoned but can still be a meeting point for the GD's men the day of his torture. A note asking for Pedro to be questioned was found in town and used to attempt to capture him/turn him over to the RAC. It ended in being false accusations against Pedro, IC as far as I know, almost anyone will tell you Pedro is the kindest individual and would never work for the GD. One thing that might have triggered this discussion and is not present is the information @K2U received via IC text which was either sent before the time of his torture and death, or meta'd afterwards but it seemed that the character Deacon @wastingdoor plays was IC high as a kite or inebriated in some form saying that he was being taken to Black Castle. (Krasnostav Castle)
  5. At the time of the incident @Taniks and I were entering the police station after the threat had been issued by @SovietPj seeing as how we had not seen weapons on him, our communication was not efficient for clearing the building with a lack of military experience, I shot Vaughn as a result and at that time or sometime after we moved up the stairs he jumped off the roof and made no attempt to damage RP for what I suspect was the second time for the day. No attempt was made from @SovietPj to at least make a noise to symbolize jumping off a 2nd story roof plus a railing that would both add to the fall and cause his jumping to either be a suicidal/leg breaking or take more time to do safely (and in the case of that building, it'd be very hard to do safely). The other incident from our arresting of @SovietPj ended in some damage RP of which he seemed to run off like Usain Bolt.
  6. While I may not have a flashy title or have the appropriate role to speak on the matter I hope that I am reaching important ears, this is not the way to solve an issue. Spawning in items isn't a solution, NPC traders is not a solution either. I believe letting people have their roleplay is important. Player traders are fun to be around, they usually have the salesman smile and understand what it is people want and happily support them. This is the apocalypse and it should not be a easy thing to acquire the gear a player wants. While it is still new in the wipe, these NPC traders would imbalance the natural order of how things are conducted throughout the world that many of us who remain loyal to DayZRP have tried to build. This new server wipe today is only an obstacle and those with the will and desire pursue what they want. Do not apply this idea because the issues to follow only reverse the course of progress already attempted.
  7. As a young man Sam ran from a lot of his problems, drinking in the lowest bars and learning all new meanings of the word pain. His mouth often got him into more trouble than it paid off in drinking. Not able to hold down a job, Sam did a lot of questionable acts, and applied what hurt him the most during the fights he could remember, to make money. Basement bare knuckle boxing and shakedowns on people that owed money so he could drink away the pulsing in his hands and in his head. One night in his favorite bar, a woman approached him with an offer: clean up his act and work for her or never work again. Sam had knocked out one of her friends in a money dispute and needed someone to run the front door of her new place, either Sam or the person that buried him. He got sober, worked as a bouncer for the woman who almost killed him, her name was Eliot, worked in some shady business but he couldn’t judge. After a while he moved from bouncer to joining her on meet ups and as time went on he began doing more shakedowns than checking IDs. He’d swapped to weed after a fight to ease the pain and his mind was calmer, his perspective changed, people should pay their bills. He liked that about Eliot, she paid and paid fairly. In an instant he was dragged from the US and brought to Chernarus, he bought the Russian Rosetta stone before the flight over to pick up women when he arrived, having no idea what he was getting into with Eliot Belic butting heads with the local leader Ivan Belic, two siblings in a rivalry over the business that forever affected their relationship.
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