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  1. James Peralta, before the outbreak, was a NATO navy captain and commanded the Nautilos a small support ship. Despite his discipline, he did not fit the life of the navy. He enlisted because of the family that has been following a military tradition for many years. His career never evolves and he was already considering dropping everything to become a fishing boat captain, his biggest hobby. During the outbreak, he was on a mission off the coast of Chernarus. Support a relief team. When the crisis worsened, he lost touch with his superiors. Trying to follow the protocols, he went into red code and waited for contact on emergency channels. There was a lot of mismatched information and a lot of chaos. The last broadcast he received was an emergency message warning that all governments had fallen. Without food and fuel, he ordered several search attempts on the Chernarus coast, but no team returned. A rebellion began on the ship, they claimed they needed to dock at shore, but James was against it. It all ended in a bloodbath. Only James and a few members who stood by him survived. But even they began to doubt James's ability to command. One night a heavy storm hit the sinking little ship. James woke up alone on the beach, his mind full of pain and remorse. At first he blamed himself for everything that went wrong, but looking at all that apocalyptic scenario, he understood that his choices kept his crew alive. He then decided to look for his crew survivors and vowed to keep everyone alive. Peralta will be more open to joining military organizations, but not really looking for it. He wants to feel useful and wants to help others survive, after all he looks for a place to fit in.
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