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  1. xUnknown

    DayZRP SA Meeting Point

    So where is the meeting placce guba?
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys Currently playing with 6 others on the standalone server looking for more survivors will update my diary today about our journey.
  3. WEll im curently at vybor military base on my way to nwaf add me on steam Zi_Wilsonn
  4. I'm currently in the SA server J Walters hopedully ill see you ingame
  5. SO my names Louis Im 24 from Manchester in the UK. This is my first attempt at RP so it should be fun, My character is Called John Walters 39yrs old in the SAS, He has been in the military since the age of 18 and is a precision sniper and assault rifle expert. He has been on numerous covert missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is currently hunting for his daughter in Chernarus who came here to teach in the local schools a few weeks before the outbreak happened. She has been missing for 63 days last time she she was seen she was heading towards Vybor, Going to a survivor settlement(Gvozdno) seeking refugee. She is 19years old with long dark brown hair, Green eyes around 5Ft6 Slim build. I came over with a 4 man squad 3 of those guys died in previous encounters with the undead. I am now a lone survivor searching for my daughter and any resources i can find living off the land to survive. Im a hard man to please and its not easy to gain my trust. I am currently looking for a group of other survivors that may have any information to her whereabouts. I have a Helicopter Evac in 42 days time so the clock is ticking..... Just a little background of my player more will come soon Happy RP
  6. I added you whitefur. Also been playing server for last 2 hours not seen a single person to rp with
  7. Hey guys im new to dayzrp im sick and tired of constantly being shot or being bored playing the standalone. So i came here to try something different. I dont have my my mind set what sort of charector i want to play but im sure i can work it out soon enough. Im 23 from manchester in the UK. Im on most times when not in work and i play nearly every night when im home. So meesage me or add me on steam Zi_Wilsonn