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  1. I go by the name of Delta. I've been in Nadbor my whole life,and since the outbreak i've lost everyone close to me. i am a survivor now and i do all i can to stay alive. I plan on leaving Nadbor soon as it is becoming overran by bandits and i fear that my home will soon be raided. I do all i can to stay alive and go to extreme measures to keep my ammunition stocked and keep food and supplies in my bag. I am not part of any faction... not yet atleast but i do try to make friends out in the zone. I've seen far too many people try to make it alone just to get killed by a horde. I have alot of knowledge of the terrain around me so i know where to go for supplies and when it is least guarded. I will leave this letter at my old home so if anyone comes across it they know who i am. -Delta
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