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  1. Likewise. I'm sure that driving comment is not aimed at me.
  2. Jack, began his life living in rough conditions. His mother Natalie , living on nothing but council income, so he never got to have the life many of his more wealthier friends had. When he turnt eight-teen Jack decided it was time for himself to have a real chance at having an exciting and fulfilling career, for him that's what the army could offer him. He joined as an infantry heavy gunner, serving a total of 3 tours one in Iraq and the two others in Afghanistan. Following the third tour Jack had been through a lot of horrifict incidents that challenged his mental state, friends and allies being lost in the war he was fighting. He decided after 8 long years within his role in the army, it was finally time to join back into civilian society, and move on and attempt to live a life worth living without having to put the risk of his friends lifes on the line. Just a peaceful life. He moved from the united kingdom, to livonia. What he didn't know would be what would take place years later after living there, the hit of the infection world wide, he was right in the middle of it, but he managed to stick through it so far, with his military and self taught survival skills. Who knows how long he'll last, or if he can make it to the end, if there is one.
  3. Lee Langdon, once a successful computer engineer, born and raised in the United kingdom, previously residing in Kent. Living an exceptionally happy life, with a wonderful wife, passion for fitness and the love to travel to new and exciting places every chance he got. That's how it all started for Lee, he and his wife made plans to visit chernarus, after hearing about the events that happened in the past and hearing how it has been rebuilt, and revitalised. So it was set, Lee and his wife set off to stay in chernarus for a few weeks on vacation, arriving on June 28th 2017. The trip was great for the two, but this did not last long, quickly they heard about all of the violence that had taken place in the recent months. They witnessed some of the actions, scaring them, causing them to choose to cut the trip short. They struggled to get a flight back, hearing about some deranged people running around biting people, they went back to their hotel they were staying at, Lee managed to get himself to sleep. His wife, couldn't she decided to go out for a walk, a mistake she would have regretted. Unfortunately on that very night the area they were staying in had been hit with the infection, she was attacked by an infected citizen, eventually turning herself. Lee woke up to terror on the streets, lost about why his wife wasn't there, he went out looking for her, but what he saw destroyed him, his wife turned, eating a half rotten cow. In fear Lee raced back to the hotel, gathering what he could, fleeing the town looking for a safe place to stay, hopefully figuring out a way to escape chernarus.
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