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  1. My name is James Ryder,I was born into a very poor family in pike county Kentucky.Where you either worked as a miner or went to college,I went with the coal mining route.My father was always a good man till he decided to pick up the bottle.I dropped out of school when i was 16 just to help put food on the table,daddy decided he would get wasted and hit mama one night.Thats when it happend ,thats when i killed my own father,mama was distraught and made us move to Europe with my aunt and cousins.I got a job working at a warehouse stocking different products,my mama ended up taking her life and i was into peices.My aunt and uncle didn't want me so i had to live on my own no idea how to speak the language or even order food.Until one day everything changed,I met a beautiful young woman named Emily Anne.Emily was from the united states but her mother was born here and she knew the language.we went on dates for 5 months then i asked her the big question,We where married outside of a clergies house.we where just 17 at the time,we had a kid and had a ok house.i joined the armed forces but before i could finish graduation some strange virus showed up postponing it.A couple weeks went by and things started to get very worrying.I was not allowed to graduate so i went home only to find people moving out of the neighborhood and boarding windows.next thing i know i was pulled into a van ending up in a bunker in god knows where.i went home and my family was nowhere to be seen so i made it my mission to find where my family went or who took them.
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