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  1. Jack Lee is a 23 year old male originally born in Chernarus But his parents are from the west.Jack never grew up in a stable location,he constantly moved place from place at a very young age and found most of his life was spent on the move.All of the running led Jack to leave home at 16 years old.Jack ended up livng in countless homeless shelters and the wilderness.Until one day he decided to step up at the lowest point of his life,He got a job as a butchers assistant.He wasn't paid much but he managed,he worked 6:00 to 4:00.Then some past demons caught up with him he turned to alcohol then soon was let go.Jack was 18 years old,no money and no home.It was a Saturday night when he met Gunnery sgt. Paul Bryant.Jack joined the Military and pursued marksmanship school.Jack Graduated and was deployed to a Military compound known as Pavlovo. Jack was 19 when it hit,he was finishing up at his post then saw a silhouette on the tree line.He proceeded to the figure to be met with a bat to the back of his head.He woke up 3 months after the virus spread.Stripped of gear in a dark cellar.Jack took his first step into the new world and decided to go back to the last place he was at.It took 2 weeks for him to reach his post,there he was surrounded by the decomposing bodies of his unit...Not from the infected but by bullets.The only thing he had to go off of what happend was a bat and a leather rider jacket.He made it his life long goal to find who did this to his unit and made it in his power to stop anyone who wishes harm on the innocent or that apposes his goal to find answers.
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