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  1. Well this is lovely

  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I do not dispute the verdict involving BadRP, I know I broke that rule. But I do not believe that it was fair to consider that I was trolling. Yes I was disrupting the experience of those around me, but trolling is done by people with malicious intent. I had none. While I doubtlessly bothered the people present in the report, everyone I've ever seen trolling was very deliberate about it. I argue that what I did was anything but deliberate/malicious. I was trying to be silly, and in doing so I broke the rules. I never wanted to actually upset anyone. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There are also some things in the reasoning of the verdict that do not make sense to me. "You had absolutely no interest whatsoever in listening, instead you caused the most disruption as possible with the excessive use of the // prefix, sneezing, attempting to get everyone sick and then afterwards asking for medicine when you supposedly are not there. This is not acceptable and we don’t even know why you would think this would be allowed." As I tried to explain in my POV, I was very interested in what everyone was talking about, which is why I broke the rules and was out there in the first place. I also tried to explain that I was not the only one sick, and that I was not trying to spread it to everyone at all. While at the bottom line I wasn't supposed to be there (which I agree with), I was not trolling in any sense of the word. If I was really trolling, where's my motive to do so? I have none, and it's just not what I was doing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I am hoping to get the trolling verdict taken off of me, which means a lighter ban and less points. What could you have done better?: I could have been a lot more aware of the fact that what I was doing was against the rules, and I could've kept myself much more refreshed with the rules than I have. One thing I would like to make clear out of all of this, that I am not lying and doing anything I can to try not to be in trouble. I genuinely feel really bad that I did break a rule. While I got Emerald, I'm still a very new player to the server and all I've tried to do is have good RP with others. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I'd like to start by admitting that yeah I messed up there. It was pretty clearly a rule-break and I thought about it in the back of my head but still, I just wanted to listen to their conversation. But I need to start a bit before the video to explain better. So previously, I'm not sure if @Anipuma , @miss_natcula , or @Aldemir , were at the fire-station yet, but Amber was inside being operated on by a doctor named James Sepher (I dont know his forum tag). She's been heavily injured for some time, and actually almost died a few days back. The doctor gave her anesthetic to sedate her so IC I was knocked out. After the operation finished OP and I think Chris B. show up and peep in from the outside window. The doctor and them engage in some conversation and OP says something in voice along the lines of "I wonder if maybe they're removing the can opener." My OOC chat in all caps was because I found that quite funny. Op and Chris B. @Combi leave, and Amber is left for a little while. She's IC knocked out. I figured that there were people visiting, as at the time I didn't recognize OP. This is where I make my first mistake. I get restless and jump up OOC when realistically Amber was still knocked out (if I even remember that scenario correctly). I initially was wandering around a little, hanging out in a discord chat, before I see a group of players outside the building all in a circle next to a flatbed, just like in OP's video. I walk up OOC, missing a jacket but still wearing most of my clothes. I understand the frustration there. I fully admit that it was my mistake that I was out there in the first place. My reasoning for this is because I've not seen so many people gathered in one place and my curiosity took priority over obeying the rules. All of us at the fire station have been dealing with the cold being spread around, I was not the only one sick, but yes I do apologize for that. I don't know if Anipuma or Miss Natcula became sick as a result, but judging by your video at the end of it you still weren't sick. Most of the guys living here at the station have been sick for some time, and got me sick when I arrived too. While it could have came from me, it's just as likely that it could've came from them too. Of course, that doesn't absolve me of my mistakes. I agree that this is bad from my end. The only reason I moved closer from behind the truck is because Chris K. (The guy wearing the black gas mask) @Havikar was either using whisper or being muffled by that mask. I was missing part of the conversation and wanted to hear better, and I was messing with him which I shouldn't have done which makes you completely correct in that it was disruptive. More on me wanting to hear the conversation in a second. This is yet another mistake of mine, I wasn't doing it to purposely be disruptive. I just wasn't thinking about it like I should have been. I didn't eavesdrop IC because Amber was still knocked out. I should've stayed away but like I mentioned above, I was far too curious. Especially when you guys started talking about Khaled, it peaked my interest. I don't think it's metagaming though because I'm not acting off of anything I heard. The conversation never once touched on Amber herself, from what I recall, and the video itself. I realize now that it's a mistake for me to be there at all though. After the group left in the flatbed, I returned to the room that Amber actually was in ICly, and continued to RP as if I wasn't there for any of that. Overall, I understand completely that I have broken a rule and I will admit that. I am sorry, because I hate to disrupt RP, disappoint anyone, and generally detract from the experience on DayZRP. Believe me when I say that no matter the punishment I receive, that I will never be doing this again. Thank you, and I can answer any questions anyone has to the best of my ability.
  4. "Just a girl in paradise... something I keep chasing but I can never hold for long..." - Amber, present day Pre-Outbreak: "She's a daring girl with the whole world at her feet..." - College Professor, Pre-Outbreak Amber Main was born in early April, 1998, to parents Brandon and Jennifer. Amber, who was born very healthy, is the younger of two children. Her brother Mason is older by about 3 years. She was born in a huge hospital in Atlanta, but in reality she grew up an hour or so away in Oglethorpe, Georgia. Her early days were spent running around barefoot in the summer, and constantly being pestered by Mason. This time in her life was extremely serene compared to her distant future. When she grew to be old enough to go to school, Amber experienced what most in the United States did growing up. She was cared for, truly loved, and very learned. Never did she suffer with bad grades in school. She put her work first and her fun second. School staff even from her Kindergarten days remarked about how lovely a student the young southern girl was, declaring her a "model pupil." As she grew up, it became clear to everyone around her how beautiful the young girl is. She looks almost exactly like her mother, and inherited her father's eyes. In high school, she was a cheerleader and even a Prom Queen in her senior year. Amber graduated in 2016, and because of her above average performance in grade school, she secured an easy ride through college. In college, Amber followed along with courses in Journalism. During this time, the young woman began to love Foreign Journalism and believe strongly in Civil Rights. Gone were the days of following along with her parents; now she would become herself as she is was present-day. She started locally, and dealt with the struggles of all the opinionated, conservative local pieces in her area. She struggled to get off the ground with her writing. Not for a lack of skill, but rather a dead climate at home. She adapted to the times and turned to the internet, blogging and truly starting her career as a Freelance Journalist while still in school, making a point not to inject too much of her own opinion into her writing. But to her this wasn't enough. She wanted to be right where she felt the world needed her most; in the thick of political tension and in a far away country dealing with instability. Amber's dream was difficult to achieve. Hardly anyone was actually willing to send a journalist, especially a young one, all the way out to some potentially third-world country where they could be shot. At the same time, tension in Chernarus was at an all time high. Amber then knew that Chernarus was where she needed to go. She started working very, very hard to make it all the way out there. She saved up money from odd jobs to help pay for travel expenses, and contact any group that she could that might be willing to get her into the country. The best the young woman was able to do was land in Ukraine, but at a very inconvenient time for her classes. She paid one of her good friends from school to handle her assignments, and she personally rearranged her classes to all be online ones so her friend could represent her and not get caught. Only a few short months before the outbreak, the unknowing young woman set out for Ukraine, and she would never see her home again. Rising Storm: "The whole world is melting around me..." - Amber, during the Outbreak The first few weeks spent in Chernarus were intense for Amber. She was drowning in opportunities to record stories, have interviews, etc. with locals. She worked hard daily, feeding footage and articles to her friend who was also working hard himself. Thanks to the worldwide internet, at least then the flow of information was easy. But her adventure became dark quickly. Maybe two months into her stay at Chernarus, tensions between the country and Russia were dangerously high. One night, Amber was woken up by Russian bombs and gunshots, an indicator that all-out war was about to break out. Amber knew it was time to go, but it was far too late. One day airports closed. The next, external communication outside the country was cut off. And not long later.. everything became quiet. Amber was petrified. She couldn't reach her friend, or home, and she was stranded in this foreign land. She had to accept that now she was on her own. Surviving In A Dead World: "Here and there I find hope... but mostly I find guns..." - Amber, after the Outbreak After the Outbreak and the literal Apocalypse, every day was a struggle of survival for Amber. Growing up an American and always being able to buy food at a store really put her in a bad situation, leaving her starving constantly and losing weight. She moved everywhere silently, laying low and avoiding trouble. For a while, she thought God hated her and that this was her own personal hell. She could never find any other live humans anywhere. Just infected. But one day that changed. Amber had a stroke of luck. She found a car, a BMW no less, in perfect working condition -or so she thought- sitting outside a church. She jumped in and went where the roads took her. The young woman was never good with cars, and she didn't realize that the car was about to give out on her until it did, in the middle of a forest. In the dead of winter, she was now stranded and had no idea where she really was. She traveled for some time, freezing cold, before coming upon a house. She could see that it was barricaded, unusual unless someone moved in after the outbreak. She knocked on the door, and out came her love savior, a man by the name of Andy. He took the half-frozen girl in, and - ERROR: BACKGROUND FILE NOT WORKING Reloading . . . Dear Andy, I'm sorry. I've failed you. I've failed the child that you'll never even get to see because of me. It's all my fault... sorry. Let me get back on track. I can't ever think clearly anymore. Don't expect to see me home anymore.. maybe one day but.. I doubt it. C.J. and 5.0.3. are my reality now whether I like it or not. I wish you could feel what I feel. I don't think straight, or rationally, unless I'm satisfied with that fucking pill. I want you to know that I'm doing this, that I'm going along with it, because I don't want you, or Molly, or John, or anyone we know to get hurt. The things he's said to me.. made me do... it's not broken me yet but it's gotten dangerously close. All the stuff I've tried on top of Comfort to hold me off long enough until I get another pill is just.. I don't know. I'm messing my body up. My nose is broken, I have bruises everywhere, there's that rib.. cuts in my hands from my nails. I've really screwed up. I know you're hurt. We haven't seen each other in days and I can feel your pain. I'm sorry. It hurts me so much knowing that I've hurt you and the others. I just.. I don't know. It's so hard to think. Everyone here tells me that it's better if I give up thinking entirely. That I focus on feeling good, and being complacent. I never thought that I'd end up like this, Andy.. it blows my mind. But here I am. I would cry for help but some of the guys here trust me. I don't want to break their trust. They really aren't that bad. But... C.J... is so fucking scary. And yet all I can think of is being near him so I can do what he wants and get more of that drug. He knows how much I need it and he takes advantage of it. He's a horrible man and I hope he gets what's coming to him. But.. that karma isn't coming from me. I'm going to fight as much as I can but I get overpowered every time. And my need clouds my mind. Everything has been so cloudy and fuzzy. I don't even think this will ever get to you. I'm just.. trying to get all these thoughts out of my head. I need to go smoke or whatever I can find to get me high right now. Thinking about the kid makes me want to cry, and I sure as hell don't want to ruin this paper by crying on it. I still love you, and it still means something to me. I've just. Made a lot of mistakes. I'll pay for them eventually. Please be safe. Amber (Expect Updates) Current Version: 1.0
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