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  1. Thank you for your input! Cobra to answer your question engage for me would be initiate a hostile act by telling them to back off now or I would shoot. And if they did not back off or if they continued to advance I would provide ample time to make sure they hear me, and know I am telling them to back off or else I would fire. This is hypothetical as with this incident like I said I would have just taken it on the chin and whitepointer it was my intention from the giddy up to RP but it didn't go that way Again my first day here and was being careful. If something would have got crazy like I said I would have taken a bullet before getting myself into a problem! Muntz just to make sure I am clear I would not have fired without at least either being fired upon or clearly stating my intentions and giving ample time for them to back off. I will review the rules again and make certain I am clear. Thank you for your advice! My intention here was not to stir the pot but only to ask about the issue I stewed on throughout the day. It was not going to be any issue at the time of the incident I would not have fired a single shot. But during the day today while thinking about it I couldn't help but wonder what if they continued to the point where I was trapped in a corner and they never responded. That was my issue. So they can ignore my initiation and force me into a disadvantage and then they can initiate a hostile act seems a bit lose / lose to me. I posted as i'm sure this type of thing has happened before and figured I would at least seek the advise and or input of the community members/ mod's etc..
  2. So this morning real early I was scavenging around Prigorodky and I noticed a group of three armed (Firearms rifles at least) players coming from the southeast along the tracks. They were running 3 meters apart and in a straight line along the railroad tracks. I managed to get out and hide 15 meters away at the pile northeast. When they approached they began firing at zombies and attracted many more zombies. Not sure but one may have died in the barn as I never saw him come out. After a few minutes of watching them I decided to try my hand at the RP element knowing I was outnumbered. In direct chat I typed something like "HELLO! I am not your enemy. Can you tell me if this is Chernogorsk?" (yes i know horrible RP start ) I waited a minute or so and no response. So again I stated Hello with something else and still no response. Tried one more time and no response. I had my VON on max and Had my Turtle Beach on max and nothing voice and no chat. I did however notice that one of them ran out north towards me and went prone behind the north/south facing barn. He crawled into a tree and went prone with his rifle in hand. Obvious aggressive / over-watch stance. So I hid teehee I watched as one of them then went out south and same thing rifle in hand seem to be searching for me around the southern barn. I again on direct attempted to role play it saying hey you guys are making me nervous not responding and surrounding me I may have to defend myself. I didn't I just laid there like a fat cat. Now I had no intention of shooting or engaging I actually wanted to RP and I had my axe out the full time and never pulled my firearms out. So now that you know what I felt and saw I will ask my questions. Do they have to respond to me when I am talking to them? I know I was within range of direct chat. I did end up running away as they were making me very nervous but what if they would have continued this course of action and I would have decided to engage them would I have been in the wrong considering I was trying to RP it but they were not responding. The way they were acting was obvious to me they would have robbed me or held me up at least. I think I would have been at fault but after the day of thinking about it I just don't know. They were kind of forcing me to engage them as they searched for me knowing I was there and knowing that I was already nervous/frustrated/scared they were surrounding me like that. Well anyway I was nervous with what was going on. Honestly I would have taken a bullet to the tater before I got aggressive but I have to ask as it will bother me with what happened. Your input is very welcome! Please do respond and help me out.
  3. Hello everyone! Everyone can call me Big Daddy. I'm a long time gamer of many different games. My son plays here and in watching him I decided to give this a try. I white listed recently and I am now in game. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope to have along gaming experience with you soon. As a gamer I can not stand Bandits or those that take from the weak. I normally stand up for those that can not stand up for themselves. I plan to play heavy RP when I am here as I have had my fill of KOS. My RP experience goes back 25 plus years when I was around 13ish and started playing DnD pin and paper and I really miss the RP element of gaming. It is a great time gaming with my teenage son and I would recommend it to all of you! Again thank you for the welcome and I look forward to being encounter in the wilds!