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  1. A Cheerful Hello

    welcome to dayzrp, have fun
  2. Character Biographies

    Name: Richard "Firemixer" Stryke Age: 20 Height: 195.58cm (6,5) Weight: 165lbs (75kg) Hair: brown Eyes: Blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Demeanor in Three Words: Kind, Loyal, Caring.
  3. Which sports are you doing on your freetime?

    Trampolining mostly for me :3
  4. Hello, Im part of a Roleplaying community on Arma 2 called Citylife, and im curious to ask this but are players from other roleplaying communities aloud to join DayZRP?
  5. Hello

    Hello, Just joined today and i cant wait for the whitelist apps to open so i can join the dayzrp server and roleplay in dayz style :3, seen alot of video's about this, most from PsiSyndicate and one from Frankieonpc1080p, it'l be a change of pace from the current arma 2 rp community i rp in and i hope to see how this kind of rp goes :3