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  1. Thanks everyone! I would love to join a group! I hate being alone it's not very fun
  2. Got Whitelisted earlier today:D I'm so happy and can't wait to play with all the amazing people on DayzRP!
  3. SpecOps

    Permission taking hostage/slave

    I'd love to be a slave or hostage haha I think it would be fun to rp. Hope I get in soon so I can rp
  4. Alright haha. Thanks Everyone:P
  5. Alright so I don't think there was a post about this. If there was I didn't see one at least. Anyway I was wonder if I didn't like my background story I sent with my application if it's okay to make a new account and start over? After thinking I think I'd like to portray as someone else. I know it says the multiple accounts will get banned but does that also mean the one that got white listed? Thanks for any help!
  6. I'd have to say mine is the m14
  7. Good luck man! I'm trying to as well and hope to be:P This is what I had always wanted Dayz to be like and really hope I get to play!
  8. They looked towards me as I held up my gun in terror.