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  1. Well my in-game name will more than likely be '$wag Prince' but my characters name is George Cornwell Some guy who obviously wasn't aware that its a ROLEPLAY server, shot me in the chest and said 'Sorry man, can't trust anybody' but didn't realise that I was only unconscious, I gained consciousness and killed him. Fucking idiot, his in-game name is 'Medic', look out for him everyone. dammit! even if i turn my gamma and brightness to max i cant get night time to be that bright
  2. No 3PV in hardcore mode i believe. You get used to it after a while and it seems to keep the huge amount of KOS idiots away from the server. But i too have problems with the darkness during night and it seems to be night time a lot of the time.
  3. 90% of the time i try to get on its pitch black even though the ingame timer can be anything between 17:00 to 19:00. It only get that dark around here, at that time, during winter
  4. As I said in the OP it's 9pm not am haha. So, that'll be 1 in the afternoon for you I would assume? Ah yes my bad. You wrote from 9pm "to sometime in the morning" and not in the morning. Dammit! The AM/PM still confuses me after all these years Will still be at work for another 4-5 hours when it starts so can hopefully see if i can catch up later. If its night on the server again...i cant see shit lol.
  5. GMT+10 where is that lol? Australia? If its 09:00 in the morning for you it will be 01:00 during the night here. Can probably make it.
  6. JackHughman

    Is it just me? nigth all the time!

    Yes seems to be night a lot...and night is unplayable for me at least. It's pitch black and using a lantern, lighting up like a lighthouse while travelling is not wise unless u're asking for bullets coming your way
  7. Had lots of RP when i just started on this server but then i got KOS'ed a few times and now i sneak around in the woods, staying away from the larger cities and def staying away from airfields. Trust no1 but instead of KOS'ing others i just sneak away if it is possible...this game rly makes u paranoid
  8. It seems like a common perception that we Swedes are friendly lol Ppl always make remarks on us being friendly hah.
  9. Dont know if there is a spot at the moment since no one trust anyone
  10. JackHughman

    DayZRP SA Meeting Point

    Which meeting point is that? Think it has changed a few times in this thread
  11. Ehm the whitelist is not active atm. Only on weekends and not sure if that will continue since last week there was only around 5-6 ppl on during the period that whitelist was active.
  12. Electro is always attracitng idiots it seems. I rarely go there. If i do, its only to check the firestation for goodies but if i see some1 there i run run run because it is very likely to be a random idiot that KOS.
  13. Sounds like a fun idea, hope u stick to the plan and not become a pirate like everyone on this server lol. NWAF seems like it will draw lots of attention from pirates. It is rare to find friendlies here. I either get KOS'ed or robbed. at least thats my experience the last 2 weeks. Just now i got robbed and killed after aiding a guy who said his pal was in need of help...ended with me in handcuffs and getting stabbed by a pitch fork
  14. JackHughman

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    enter a server, type the thing in the chat and voilà