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  1. Chris Mcloard born in Leixlip Ireland, by his danish mother, and his irish father. His father raised him in his footsteps, going for an army carrer. But during his army stay, and his deployment. He got in contact with private mercenaries, which worked out fine, since he did not like the way the army was structured. And often that ended up with Chris, doing things in the dark. Not even his buddy's in his group, would not approve. But in the pricate sector, that was all different. And he startet feeling, that he ended with like minded, for the first time in his life. When the first reports about the outbreak hit, Chris knew his team was gonna get a big pay check incomming. And he was right, the company he now got employeed by "DynCorp" got a contract. But Chris did not get the call, to head out. Finding out his team were going, but without him. And propably the biggest paycheck he, would have ever gotten. He got furious, and got into his car. Driving straight for the office complex, to set his boss straight. Arriving at the parking garage, his boss was heading to his car. And the rage took over Chris mind, he put his foot to the pedal. And ran straight into him, and Chris knew how to hit him, to make sure, he would not die, but would have cruised hips, and propably more. But Chris was to filled with rage, and did not hit him as planned. And when Chris got out of the car, it was to late to "talk" to his boss. But in his pocket, he had the prove of active duty. So Chris took it, and headed for the airfield. Thinking he would be on the ground in Chernarus, and nobody would suspect him. What Chris did not count on, was the pilot being infected. On the way to Chernarus, if broke out. And of course that ended very bad, and Chris was forced to jump out of the plane before crashing.
  2. Bobby Joe is what many would call, a typical hillbilly. Up to no good, but moonshining and smoking pot. Taught to him by his pop, who thought it from his pop. But besids that and smoking pot, there had been not much use of him. But when the outbreak happend, everything changed. But not for a good while, cos Bobby Joe, didnt care much for news. So he had no idea what was going to happen, untill it hit texas, and spread fast. In the start, he thought it was a new crazy drug, but when his mom started chewing up his brother, he knew something was very wrong. So he choose to get far into the forest, to his moonshine shack, and his herbs. All he needed. After a week, he was out of food, and needed to go hunting. When he got 15 minutes away from the shack, he startet hearing strange growling, like he never heard before. And luckely, he was hunting, and had a weapon with him. Because suddenly he found him self between 2 growling persons. He stayed completly still looking at them, and suddenly the started charging him. Bobby Joe started shooting, and doing his best feat, switched of the brain. A whole magasine, it took before they layed down. and only because his luck. With 2 of the bullets hitting their brain. Over the comming days, he picked up news from the strangers being able to talk. Thinking he had nothing better to do, then help fight back, he wanted to join the armed forces. and found the nearest base, and snuck on a plane. But this time his luck, was not with him. Bobby Joe got on the wrong plane, and ended up on a NATO plane, heading to Russia for an assult on Chernarus. When the plane finaly landed, Bobby joe quickly found out that this was not america. But now it was to late, he had stolen a NATO uniform and was now in a Russia, and not understanding anything. But one thing lead to another and Bobby Joe, ended up in a truck heading for an assult on Chernarus. after a few km into Chernarus, the convoy had to stop. And bobby joe thought he saw a herb he recognised, and snuck off. Before he knew it, the truck was gone and he was yet again alone, but this time in a much whorse place.
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