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  1. Hello everyone! I just got whitelisted and I'm super excited to join in and meet everyone! See you in game!
  2. Dr. Corvus Delaney Cavaley was a researcher and medical officer for the Center for Disease Control at the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. An odd fellow, he often sequestered himself in a lab, spending an exorbitant amount of time in the lab, completely enthralled by diseases. He has patchy black hair He grew up in an old parish 20 miles outside of Pinedale, Wyoming. His parents were biological researchers, and were fascinated with the untouched mountain wilderness, often leaving the church for days on end, gathering samples and surveying the lands around them. As a child, Corvus loved wearing something over his face at all times, because he didn't have much contact with others, it reminded him of a warm hug and allowed him to better hear his breathing, which made him feel not so alone. He kept this trait for his whole life, eventually refusing to ever be without some sort of mask. Young Corvus, often lonely and bored, would often read the many books his parents had placed around his abode, but what most caught his eye were the books on diseases and medical procedures. He'd spend hours upon hours reading those books, hardly even realizing that his parents were gone. His life flew by, until he finally grew curious enough to see the outside world at 22. He traveled off, with his parents recommendation, to the CDC headquarters. He had no certificates to explain his knowledge, but, with a few tests, he was given a scholarship to attend Emory University. He never really got along with anyone during his time of schooling, every thought of him as weird, and he shut himself away to his studies for most of his time, even with his good intentions, most people shunned him. After graduation, he returned to the CDC and immediately got hired. Dr. Cavaley worked in the CDC for 10 years until he was sent to a small laboratory in the Black Mountains for a research expedition, not unlike his parents 40 years prior. It was a sealed off lab, meant for testing experimental treatments for a large list of seemingly incurable diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, etc. It was so secure in fact, that it required a guard on the outside and a scientist on the inside to even open the doors! One night, he stayed in the lab alone, to finish up some research and much like his reading in the past, time flew by and he lost track of it. By the time he realized that nobody had been in for awhile, he checked his watch and he had been working for the last five days without interruption! He looked around the lab, realizing that there was no one around; not even the cleaners had come in! He looked through the small portal outside to see the guards slaughtered and realized... he was stuck. He wasted no time however! Always optimistic, he got straight back to work! Eventually, he ran out of material to work with, so he started experimenting on himself, injecting himself with small doses many assortments of diseases and trying to cure himself before any got too bad. Finally after years, and at the end of his supplies, he heard a frantic knocking. Running to the speakers he told them to take the key-card off the guard and open the door on the count of three. They did so, and the door opened, revealing the bloodstained, frail, monstrous-looking Corvus. Behind the survivor was a horde a slow moving humans! But before Corvus could ask what was going on the survivor pointed at him and screamed, turned around, and ran back towards the horde! Was it something he said, he wondered? Corvus then watched as the survivor was torn to shreds by the horde, and albeit intrigued, he thought he shouldn't stick around to ask and started a brisk jog down the mountain side, off to find some supplies, and some more test subjects!
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