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  1. Sam Burch

    Sam grew up in a poor family in Houston. He always wanted to do more with his life when compared with his family. He decided the best way to accomplish moving up in the world was to join the US Marines in order to get his college paid for. He signed up for four years and went to training at the San Diego training facility. He decided he would try to help anyone he could while in services and do his duty to his country. He is a pvt and was sent to Chernaurus with his unit but were abandoned, along with his squad, when the NATO Forces pulled out.
  2. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams grew up near DFW airport always looking up at the sky and decided to become a pilot. He went through flight school at Embry-Riddle and flew for a regional airline. He got layed over and turned to a much lower paying job of flying for the Red Cross and delivering supplies to people in need. He rationalized his low wages as him doing the right thing, even though this was the only job currently hiring pilots. He didn't have a passion for helping people like all of his coworkers and volunteers did. Back home Paul had a wife (Jessica) and baby boy (Jordan). He was often away from home in order to pay for their lifestyle. He was sent to deliver relief supplies to NE airfield. He touched down and a group of citizens were trying to get to the supplies. The military started shooting to calm them down, the infected nearby heard the shots and attacked. The aircraft was injured in the insuing attack. Paul fled the airfield and set forth trying to find some form of government to send the American home.
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