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  1. Sam grew up in a poor family in Houston. He always wanted to do more with his life when compared with his family. He decided the best way to accomplish moving up in the world was to join the US Marines in order to get his college paid for. He signed up for four years and went to training at the San Diego training facility. He decided he would try to help anyone he could while in services and do his duty to his country. He is a pvt and was sent to Chernaurus with his unit but were abandoned, along with his squad, when the NATO Forces pulled out.
  2. Paul Williams grew up near DFW airport always looking up at the sky and decided to become a pilot. He went through flight school at Embry-Riddle and flew for a regional airline. He got layed over and turned to a much lower paying job of flying for the Red Cross and delivering supplies to people in need. He rationalized his low wages as him doing the right thing, even though this was the only job currently hiring pilots. He didn't have a passion for helping people like all of his coworkers and volunteers did. Back home Paul had a wife (Jessica) and baby boy (Jordan). He was often away from home in order to pay for their lifestyle. He was sent to deliver relief supplies to NE airfield. He touched down and a group of citizens were trying to get to the supplies. The military started shooting to calm them down, the infected nearby heard the shots and attacked. The aircraft was injured in the insuing attack. Paul fled the airfield and set forth trying to find some form of government to send the American home.
  3. kamikazealpaca

    Server 3 has been closed

    Open it back up the servers have been filled all day
  4. I was wondering what people thought of a lore reset. The beginning of the apocalypse rp is some of the best in my opinion and I feel like rp has kind of stagnated now. The uncertainty and fear rp in the beginning is non existent now and it was some of the most fun.
  5. I feel like it is pretty bad rp when people are getting held up and they quickly tell their friends before the captor has the chance to have them drop the radio. I feel like the fact that people can't talk into a walkie talkie when it isn't in their hand and also have no one around them hear them is pure power gaming. This shouldn't be allowed but it happens all the time. What are you thoughts on this?
  6. Me and two friends faced about 10 zombies in Grishino, earlier that day I had fought about 9 zombies in Stary. The amount of them has definitely risen.
  7. Sounds like a really fun character to roleplay, great potential and would be fun to meet as well.
  8. kamikazealpaca

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    To get more morphine ;p
  9. Found a backpack, guess you could say my character has a lot of baggage.
  10. Dang, the feels. This song really adds to it. I look forward to more!
  11. kamikazealpaca

    100 players servers?

    The status report said they were taking out zombies until the next update. Could this mean the 100 man servers will be able to run ok because they don't have to render them?
  12. Just dysync I was playing on a high pop server in exp and they were slow, so slow I had to walk to keep them up with me. I later joined one with 5 people and the zombies were the same speed.
  13. Ah so that's who/what the Maker is. The carving in my back Saying "Maker" makes more sense now.