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  1. Raskol Nikolov Raskol, He was a french teacher at the Severograd college who is 32 years old. His life wasn't fun and he was bored. Actually he likes french language (sometimes he pronounces random french words) and his students but there is no purpose for him. He was living alone, there is no relative except his cousin who lives in Elektrozavodsk, name is Valeria.But he wasn't close to her.Unfortunately Raskol never married too but there was a lady that he falled in love, she's name is Anne. Although she didn't know. He liked to read a book in french to her. It was his only amusement. When the outbreak happened (zombie apocalypse) he was at the school. There was an absolute chaos and he was really scared of that. Nevertheless he tried to rescue his Anne, maybe he was able to do if he was too brave. But he just ran away from this hell. After 2 years, the life turned him a solid one even more brave. But he can't forget his only loved. Now he is fighting to survive and help people. He likes to travel Chernarus and read books when the sun fell down. Maybe he can find his real target.
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