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  1. Hola Max! Como Estas? Mi nombre es Domingo! <
  2. Now open to all additional ideas and all feedback!!
  3. Updated to a point, still am working!
  4. Adding all in once I get home from school, I just wrote this up and the bus ride(;
  5. ManHunt A game of death and destruction Backstory A hero group known as the Lonely Lads lived their life fighting bandits and protecting others. When they went head to head with bandit clans they usually had the upper hand. The Lonely Lads had a fully fortified base that protected them. For some time there was no bandit clans left, but now there is a new clan. The Western Assassins, a fresh bandit clan full of skilled members had it out for the Lonely Lads. They made it their goal to destroy them. In the beginning they barely made a dent but now on their final attack they broke through the gate and swarmed into the Lonely Lads base. The Lads underestimated the attack, they only armed themselves with a few spare mags. After they were out of ammo only their sidearms remained. That's when they ran. They made their way to the southern coast and started to hide, the Assassins followed closely behind seeking out every last Lonely Lad. Where? We will play our game in Cherno, Electro and the shore in between How To Play? There are two teams: The hero team the Lonely Lads and the bandit team the Western Assassins Each team will have to wear its custom skin(will be at the bottom ) The Lonely Lads will have only sidearms, NO LAUNCHERS The Western Assassins will be outfitted with any AK type weapon The Lonely Lads objective is to hide and stay alive, they can kill anyone(on the other team) and take any weapons found The Western Assassins objective is to find all Lads and kill them, they are also allowed to kill anyone(on the other team) they can NOT scavenge weapons or ammo found How To Win! The winning team is the team that has the last survivor! The Western Assassins Uniform The Lonely Lads Uniform
  6. Looking good, looking forward to more(:
  7. Looks great, I'm looking forward to more!
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    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for saying that!
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    Rate the Clan above you!

    The guy above me doesn't have a clan
  11. Dominic X, since I joined last month
  12. As you all may know in the recent update of DayZ Standalone all the spawns have been changed to the Eastern coast area. Here I will make a guide on what to do and what not to do. What To Do: When you first spawn in the first thing you want to do is check the houses around you. This will only be effective if the server has recently restarted. Next your going to want to head straight to the southern coast, mainly Balota airfield. The reason this update was released was to draw away attention from the Balota airfield and Electro/ Cherno. This means on a 40 person server there might only be around 2 or 3 people in each of these places instead of the usual 10+. Now that you have gotten your jacked out M4 you can go and have some fun at the NE airfield! What Not To Do: When you spawn in you should not go to the NEAF as a fresh spawn because you will get killed by trolls that don't listen the RP rules;) //Please if there is anything you would like me to add just put it in the comments below!//
  13. Greetings! Pm me if you need any help!